About NROC

The NROC Project is a national, non-profit movement impacting college & career readiness. Our project is funded by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, The William and Hewlett Foundation, and most importantly by NROC members across the country. Our member institutions represent more than 6 million students from middle school to college across the U.S. We are leaders who believe in open and equal access to education and the power of new media to personalize learning. Together, we're building content and applications to impact student success and delivering them publicly at websites like HippoCampus and EdReady

What does NROC stand for? "NROC" started as the National Repository of Online Courses. Now we are much more. NROC is emblematic of an approach defined by four shared beliefs:


Institutions benefit from working together.


Educators are empowered by high-quality, multimedia content and applications.


Membership keeps costs low for institutions, and free for individuals.


We're committed to helping students pursue academic and life success.

Join us! Learn more about membership at theNROCproject.org or email membership@theNROCproject.org

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