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    Ahrash Bissell

    Hi everyone,

    We pushed out another EdReady update over a week ago. However, we quickly learned that there were some bugs that were impacting users and needed to be addressed right away, so we have since updated EdReady twice to address these bugs and remove any errors in the student experience.

    Though we test each planned release heavily before we update the application, not every issues is testable outside of the live application, so these types of issues are to be expected from time to time. We certainly hope that most EdReady users didn’t even notice any problems. Despite our continued efforts, there is always chance that some pages will render strangely, in which case the page will need to be reloaded or refreshed, or the user will need to log out and then log back in, or the user’s browser cache will need to be cleared. If these fixes do not work, please contact us ASAP.

    For more details on this release, feel free to browse the release notes. Here are a few highlights:

    • We substantially updated the “Learn” experience, including new styling, support for a native topic player, improved visuals and flow, improved header management, etc. Most of these changes were made to better support the Dev English pilot experiences, but many math users will see improvements as well.
    • We added several new collections of assessment items. Note that we hve had some issues with some of the questions (notably, the graphing and matching questions) and are working to resolve those issues, but those particular question types will remain unavailable until ready.
    • We enabled access to the NROC Algebra 1 baseline for all versions. This new baseline means that authorized administrators can now create custom learning paths in EdReady that explicitly reference the learning objective and topic structure of the separate Algebra 1 program produced by NROC. There is obviously a lot of overlap in content coverage between Developmental Math and Algebra 1, but the Algebra 1 course goes into greater depth on many of those topics, and the associated learning interventions are more geared towad high-school-age students, as opposed to young adults.
    • It is now possible to customize the full scope all the way to the learning-objective level. This feature requires some understanding of the consequences – please contact your implementation support person for help bfore using.
    • We completely overhauled the way that users are able to create, reset, or change their passwords, so that single-sign-on users are properly directed as required.

    Thanks for your continued involvement and support!

    The EdReady dev team

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