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    Ahrash Bissell

    Hi everyone,

    EdReady was updated on Mar 24, just before our member meeting! In the subsequent travel and activity, I forgot to post this update announcement. As usual, this update included a smattering of bug fixes and performance improvements throughout.

    The most significant new features provide additional detailed data on EdReady usage. In the last update, we enabled detailed session-level data for students. In this update, we did the same for administrators. We will be augmenting the new session details with further information as we figure out what is truly useful for site-administration and research purposes. We have also added a new student-data table, called “Milestones”. This table captures the time and date each time students hit a key benchmark, or milestone, such as completing the initial diagnostic or hitting the initial target score. As we add more capabilities to set “interim” or “benchmark” targets in the future, this table will preserve those achievements even if the target score or other factors change.

    Look for more explanation of how these additional data streams will get integrated into our existing reporting in a future post.

    The full release notes are here. As usual, you may find that some of the updated pages do not load properly due to cached files on your computer. If something seems amiss, please try clearing your cache and/or reloading your page. Thanks.

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