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    Evelyn Lenton

    I’m working on some teacher training materials to help our instructors better utilize EdReady in the classroom. Is there anything in particular you wish you had known about EdReady that would have helped you in the beginning?

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    Ryan Schrenk

    Hi Evelyn,

    The links on the “Educator” menu from our site (link below) for the teacher tutorial and classroom resources are a couple of areas that have evolved over the past 3 years of use of EdReady in Montana.  I’m sure you may find some screenshots that need to be updated but the most common questions we get are addressed…as well as a few more.  The “how do others use the program in the classroom?” question is something we continue to add the resources around.  Feel free to share and we are always looking for more resources to add.




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    Evelyn Lenton

    Thanks for the link Ryan. I especially like the classroom resources’ goal tracking worksheets. I think those would be useful to both students and teachers.

    I attended the workshop at last year’s NROC Member Meeting and was quite impressed by what you all have accomplished.


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    Scott Beckett

    Hi Ryan and Evelyn,

    Here are a couple of thoughts from Jacksonville State University.  We don’t have nearly as many teachers as Ryan to support, but I really like the “Educator” website that Montana Digital Academy has built.  If we expand our coverage beyond JSU, that is an idea we will pursue.

    At present, we have created a permanent course in our Blackboard LMS called The Algebra Network (or TAN) and have created a set of “forums” in the Discussion Board there for the topics about which teachers usually ask, including EdReady, HippoCampus, NROC Materials – Videos, Problems, Topic Text, and Syllabus Issues (Learning Objectives, Grading, Absence policy, calculator use, and Goal Keys for the EdReady pretests).  We also include the current version of our End of Semester spreadsheet (EOS) – we have found this invaluable for teachers to report a common set of student information and grades, in a common format, at the end of the semester:  We compile these and use them to analyze student performance across instructors.  We then provide this feedback to the instructors and the instructional designers so both can tweak their products to improve student success.

    To help students schedule work on their EdReady study path, we email ourselves the StudentDataReport and reformat it as a Study Path guide (attached below).  We keep these in the classroom, and each day we circle the topics we would like the student to work on, initialing them when complete.  Students seem to work harder when we break the study path into manageable chunks for them.  It also keeps us in touch with each student’s progress, making timely intervention more likely.  A hidden gem on the Overview page of the Reports is the “Advanced and Custom Reports.”  If you open it and choose “Student Data:  Learning Objective Scores,” you get a tabulation of each student’s performance on the individual learning objectives within each topic.  This is the finest level of detail that EdReady provides, and it helps us create a “prescription” that targets very narrowly defined skills for remediation.  Because sometimes a student’s trouble with a larger topic hinges on their misunderstanding of a narrow skill, the Learning Objective Report helps individualize instruction.

    I must also give a shout out to the NROC staff for steadily expanding the support information accessed through the FAQs link at the bottom of each EdReady page.  Students, instructors, and administrators can find much helpful information there, organized to be easily located.

    I commend you for being proactive on supporting instructors as they begin to use EdReady.  I think it will improve the consistency of your implementation and raise student success; we have found that to be true at JSU.

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