Conference Presentations

NROC staff attend conferences throughout the year to present sessions related to NROC, quality course development, using OER, and more. We prefer to present with members who are also attending these conferences and encourage you to contact to suggest opportunities to co-present. In this section you will find slides and handouts from our past presentations.
Title Description Category Type Postedsort icon
Developmental Math Project Overview - ITC 2012 Opening Developmental Mathematics—New Resources for New Approaches.   Delivered by Dani Pedrotti at ITC conference, Long Beach, CA, February 2012. pdf 02/28/2012
Overview of NROC Developmental Mathematics Project 2010 League: Innovations.  Ruth Rominger, NROC. ppt 03/15/2010
Practical Applications of Open Educational Resources 2009 look at how NROC members are making use of OER to support institutional initiatives. Terri Rowenhorst, NROC. Click to view. 10/21/2009
The Value of OER and HippoCampus 2009 NECC. Terri Rowenhorst, NROC. ppt 06/02/2009
Creating, Sharing and Using OER 2008 League: CIT.  Ruth Rominger, NROC. ppt 10/19/2008
Evaluate Your Online Course! 2008 League: Innovations. Lisa Cheney-Steen, CCCOnline and Terri Rowenhorst, NROC ppt 03/31/2008
Course Design Using Open Education Resources 2007 VSS.  Bob Currie, Michigan Virtual; Gary Lopez, MITE; Mary Schlegelmilch, Omaha Public Schools. ppt 11/19/2007
Maximize Course Development with External Content 2007 USDLA. Mary Schlegelmilch & Roni Huerta, Omaha Public Schools; Terri Rowenhorst, NROC. ppt 09/19/2007
If They Will Build It, Will You Come? 3rd Party Content Resources 2007 Colorado TeleCOOP. Lisa Cheney-Steen, CCCOnline and Terri Rowenhorst, NROC. ppt 08/24/2007
Conversations with the Field: Faculty 2007 TxDLA conference. Bob Threlkeld, MITE. ppt 07/16/2007