Instructor Resources

Instructor Resources (lessons plans, open textbooks, etc.) are freely available for use by all instructors, and include resources developed by NROC Members, shared as part of our community. Some materials are available under Creative Commons Licenses.
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NROC English Foundation Lesson Links (Sam McCool, Nevada) This PDF of links to NROC English Foundation Lessons was contributed by Sam McCool, of Nevada System of Higher Education. Foundation lessons are included as part of the NROC English curriculum,... Lesson Plan 02/09/2016
Office Hours We invite you to visit us during office hours for technical support, or assistance with implementing your NROC membership at your institution. Implementation and Technical Support Office Hours Monday... Building Awareness 01/14/2016
Stepping into EdReady An overview of suggested steps for NROC members wishing to customize EdReady. Documentation pdf 07/29/2014
Closed Captioned Worked Examples for NROC Math   Algebra 180 Worked Algebra I examples written by the NROC Project and narrated by Khan Academy. Dev Math 03/27/2014
US History Course Table of Contents Matrix This table of contents is the product of discussions with several members and contains suggested links to open content that may be used for building a US History course. Members should verify the... Content Updates xlsx 03/18/2014
EdReady for NROC Members Learn more about EdReady for NROC members.                    The latest initiative from The NROC Project, EdReady is a game-changing application to... Documentation 02/18/2014
Developmental Math Resource Pointer The NROC Project's Developmental Math Resource Pointer is an at-a-glance, customizable resource for distribution to your faculty.  It provides a quick overview of the variety of resources... Building Awareness doc 01/06/2014
DevMath Correlation with Compass and Accuplacer These documents provide detailed information on alignments between NROC Developmental Math and two popular placement exams: Compass and Accuplacer. Correlation pdf 10/18/2013
DevMath Instructor Guides, Units 1-19 The Instructor Guides provide topic outlines, learning objectives, tips and challenges of teaching the math in each unit, guidance for using the unit level activities, and Common Core topic... Instructor Guide zip 09/03/2013
DevMath Topic Correlation to Common Core Listing of correlation between Developmental Math—An Open Program multimedia topics, and Common Core standards by grade level. Covers Units 1-19. Correlation xls 07/29/2013
DevMath - Open Textbooks Units 1-19 (pdf & Word formats) Developmental Math Open Textbooks are available for:  Units 1 - 8 Developmental Math — An Open Program: Arithmetic, Geometry and Statistics Units 9-14 Developmental Math — An Open... Open Textbook zip 07/29/2013
Algebra 1—An Open Course: Member-Donated Ancillaries (Units 1-9) Mary Kasprzyk, pilot instructor for Algebra 1—An Open Course, donated instructor materials for Units 1 – 9. Each unit includes these ancillary materials for use in a classroom or online setting:... Lesson Plan zip 06/14/2012
Algebra 1 -- An Open Course Student Study Guides, Sierra Vista HS Student study guides for Algebra 1—An Open Course, organized to reflect the Sierra Vista High School sequence of district benchmark assessments established correlated to the CA state standards. ... Student Guide zip 05/30/2012
Algebra 1—An Open Course, Study Guides Student study guides for Algebra 1—An Open Course, organized for units 1-11. Member-contributed by Abbie Bosserman, Sierra Vista High School. Student Guide zip 05/30/2012
DevMath - Arithmetic Module: D. Lippman Contribution These customizable, Member-contributed resources have been provided as a complement to the NROC Developmental Math: Arithmetic Module (units 1-6).The attached .zip file contains:  Teaching tips... Instructor Guide zip 04/16/2012
Algebra 1—Open Textbook, Units 1 - 12 (pdf & Word formats) These .pdf and Word files can be downloaded, adapted, printed and shared with students providing off-line access to Algebra 1 Open Textbook resources. A Word version of each file has also... Open Textbook zip 03/25/2012
Non-Majors Biology: New Lesson Plans New lesson plans for biology provide relevant, innovative activities correlated to NROC Non-Majors Biology course.  Lesson Plans include a Title; Suggested Grade Levels; Learning Objectives;... Lesson Plan zip 03/06/2012
Algebra 1 Topic Correlation to Common Core Listing of correlation between Algebra 1 multimedia topics, and Common Core standards by grade level. Correlation xlsx 01/13/2012
Teacher Resources: More Lesson Plans and Activities NROC's HippoCampus Bloggers contribute lesson plans and activities aligned with curriculum standards and NROC course resources to provide fresh ideas for teachers to engage their students.... 11/22/2011