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January 19, 2017
2 PM ET / 11 AM PT

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Creating Paths to Middle-Skill STEM Fields

See the "new" NROC Network for information about this upcoming webinar.

Jan 2017
Managing Change While Scaling Innovations

Join us as we consider ways educators and leaders can best approach change management in their classrooms and institutions. Innovation theory tells us that not all innovation is created equal: evaluation metrics, business models, team structures, and user demand are all shaping leaders' ability to manage complex change, and determine which initiatives succeed and which stand to fail. Based on the Christensen Institute's research over the past eight years, we'll look at key findings on trends in education innovation and best practices for nurturing new ideas within existing institutions.


Dec 2016
New Enhancements for NROC Members

This fall, the NROC team will introduce important user experience improvements informed by member feedback. A renovated member services site, expanded implementation services, and accessibility and mobile-compatibility advances (including interface redesign and HTML5) will help you maximize your membership.

Join us for a preview of these exciting new resources.


Oct 2016
Encouraging and Rewarding Classroom Innovation
Learn how Colorado's largest community college has inspired faculty to expand their quiver of effective teaching practices with innovation grants, service learning, communities of practice, team-based learning, and more. With digital resources offering more support for traditional classroom practices and paving the way to flipped classrooms, teachers are discovering new ways to engage students in active and personalized learning that leads to stronger retention, powerful connections to the real world, and greater enthusiasm for learning. 
Sep 2016
Rethinking College Readiness: Promising Practices from the NROC Member Community

As we consider the myriad ways college readiness can be approached and supported, we draw inspiration and direction from emerging models in the NROC member community.

During this back-to-school webinar, we will explore how NROC Math and English courses and EdReady are being employed to support multiple measures admissions policies, placement exam alternatives, high school bridge programs, and innovative adult education practices. 

Guests from Central Piedmont Community College, Jacksonville State University, Tennessee SAILS, and OTAN will share first-hand experiences, and Dr. Gary Lopez will describe plans to grow academic partnerships in service to our mission of expanding access to high-quality educational opportunities.


Additional Resources:

Tennessee SAILS - Mollee Shannon

Case Study - NROC English to Prepare High School Seniors for College Level Work (see file below)

Webinar - Integrating NROC English Across the Curriculum (with Jacksonville State University)


OTAN (Outreach & Technical Assistance Network), CA - Joyce Hinkson, OTAN; Susan Coulter, Baldwin Park Adult & Comunity Ed; and, Portia LaFerla, Torrance Adult School

Webinar - Personalizing a Path to Mathematical Literacy in Adult Education Programs


Central Piedmont Community College, NC - Kydia McCoy

Case Study - Anecdotes from the Field: NROC Math as a Co-requisite (see file below)

Webinar - Completion by Design - NROC as Support for Central Piedmont Community College Initiatives


Jacksonville State University, AL - Courtney Peppers-Owen

Webinar - Adapting EdReady as an Alternative to Math Placement Exams



Aug 2016
Back-to-School Info Sessions - Resources to Impact Teaching and Learning


During the week of August 22-26, we featured live, daily info sessions to help members learn more about their benefits

Each day that week, we presented a 30-minute Info Session highlighting one of our offerings. Updates for 2016 - 2017 were shared, and time was reserved for questions and the discussion of possible use cases. Please feel free to share this information with colleagues!

Benefits of NROC Membership

Join us for an overview of your NROC membership and learn how to access and get support for all of your resources.

Slides (see below)



Get Started with HippoCampus

Find over 5,000 digital learning objects from 20 collections across disciplines to enrich your classroom -- all available at your member-branded site to mix/match in playlists.

Slides (See below)



NROC Math Overview

Explore curricular resources for high school Algebra 1 and across levels with NROC Developmental Math. We'll review different delivery methods and share what is newly available with fresh installations in your Learning Management System (LMS).

Slides (See below)



NROC Developmental English Overview

Learn about key features of our new integrated reading and writing curriculum and review different ways to access, adapt, and share the resources with your learners.

Slides (See below)



EdReady Introduction and Demonstration 

Discover how EdReady's personalized pathways for review are impacting learners at all levels. We'll walk through the student experience, discuss customization options, and share a demonstration of EdReady's reporting features.

Slides (See below)


Aug 2016
Colorado's Digital Badging Initiative: A New Model of Credentialing Technical Math Skills and More

Educators and innovative industry leaders agree that digital badges are evolving into a key credential that can be used to meet current education and workforce needs. As part of its TAACCCT grant, the Colorado Community College System is leading a collaborative effort to develop micro-credentials or digital badges to serve post-secondary and workforce in partnership.  Learn about early pilot uses of digital badges in technical math and advanced manufacturing, as well as plans for the future. The presenter will also share perspectives garnered from her participation in the Badge Alliance/OPEN badges workgroup that is shaping the national conversation on this emerging topic. 


View the Q & A from the webinar at

Jun 2016
New English Content and Playlists: Free for Everyone at HippoCampus!

In our April webinar, we shared some great examples of how NROC members are using the new NROC English curriculum installed in their Learning Management System for a fully integrated reading and writing experience. This month, we invite you to join us for a look at how everyone can access components of the English program for free at We'll do a brief introduction to HippoCampus, review the NROC English components available there, and take a look at three sets of playlists one each for English grammar, reading, and writing (created for HippoCampus by Jacksonville State University's Carrie Kirk). We'll then walk through how to create a custom playlist, so teachers can mix and match content from resources across HippoCampus or anywhere on the web. We'll wrap up with a quick overview of other content collections available at HippoCampus, for both English and for other disciplines. Discover great, free multimedia resources for your classes!

May 2016
Integrating NROC English Across the Curriculum

This session will look at how two organizations have aligned the NROC English resources in support of a variety of courses. The SAILS Tennessee college bridge program has integrated the resources into high school Senior English with a literature focus. Jacksonville State University's Learning Services team has adapted the resources in both an Academic Success Skills course and a Critical Thinking course. Aside from serving college developmental studies programs with integrated reading and writing approaches, this online curriculum is showing promise for broader applications across disciplines.

Apr 2016
Adapting EdReady as an Alternative to Math Placement Exams

As part of broader efforts to redesign developmental education and refine placement practices at Jacksonville State University (AL), learn how EdReady is being used to diagnose gaps and develop mastery of prerequisite math concepts required for success in targeted college-level math courses including: Exploring Mathematics, Finite Mathematics, and Precalculus College Algebra. 

Early data is promising for this approach as an alternative to traditional placement exams, which have not always been proven to be accurate predictors of student success. 

We will also explore JSU's hybrid instruction model for "Fast Forward Algebra" offering online study and face-to-face review to bring students up-to-speed. 

Apr 2016