Tennessee SAILS English: British Literature

Tennessee SAILS (Seamless Alignment and Integrated Support) English is a course designed through the collaborative efforts of the Tennessee Department of Education and the Tennessee Board of Regents, which oversees the state’s community colleges. The SAILS English course is intended to ensure that high-school seniors graduate with sufficient English reading and writing skills to move directly into a credit-bearing English course in college.

The SAILS English course requires high-school seniors to complete two units of NROC Developmental English content within each of five modules that chronologically span British literature: Anglo-Saxon, Medieval, Renaissance, Victorian/Romantic, and 20th Century.

Students begin each literature module by completing the two NROC units and taking quizzes to ensure mastery of that core reading-and-writing material. Students then complete reading and responding-to-literature assignments that employ their newly acquired skills from the NROC course. The daily and culminating literature assignments are designed to simultaneously assess and reinforce the reading-and-writing concepts from the NROC Developmental English course as well as enrich the student’s understanding of the literature.

The creators of Tennessee SAILS English have shared their written resources for this literature-based course with fellow NROC members in the hope that their work can be utilized and built upon by other institutions whose students have similar needs.