Using EdReady for Boot Camps

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About this event:

Created by Jill Somrock

Thinking of doing a boot camp this summer for your students? At South Mountain Community College (SMCC) many students place into developmental courses. For various reasons, these placements may not be accurate representations of the student’s abilities. In an attempt to minimize inaccurate placement, SMCC offered a free Boot Camp with EdReady to help students improve their placement test scores.

In this session, Christianne Nieuwsma, who is on the math faculty at SMCC, discussed various aspects of the Boot Camp, including logistics, instructional strategies and results. During the webinar we demonstrated EdReady and discussed ways you could use this resource with your students.

EdReady is an online tool that delivers personalized instructional interventions based on proficiency gape learners exhibit in a diagnostic assessment.

EdReady can be customized to institutional and practitioner needs to better engage students and accelerate their path to college readiness.

Presenter: Christianne Nieuwsma, South Mountain Community College

South Mountain Community College