Rethinking College Readiness: Promising Practices from NROC Member Community

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About this event:

Created by Jill Somrock

As we consider the myriad ways college readiness can be approached and supported, we draw inspiration and direction from emerging models in the NROC member community.

During this back-to-school webinar, we will explore how NROC Math and English courses and EdReady are being employed to support multiple measures admissions policies, placement exam alternatives, high school bridge programs, and innovative adult education practices.

Guests from Central Piedmont Community College, Jacksonville State University, Tennessee SAILS, and OTAN will share first-hand experiences, and Dr. Gary Lopez will describe plans to grow academic partnerships in service to our mission of expanding access to high-quality educational opportunities.

Facilitator: Gary Lopez, Founder and CEO, The NROC Project

Presentation Slides: Rethinking College Readiness_Aug2016


Additional Resources:

Tennessee SAILS – Mollee Shannon

Case Study – NROC English to Prepare High School Seniors for College Level Work (see file below)

NROC-English-Case-Study_TN SAILS

Webinar – Integrating NROC English Across the Curriculum (with Jacksonville State University)

OTAN (Outreach & Technical Assistance Network), CA – Joyce Hinkson, OTAN; Susan Coulter, Baldwin Park Adult & Community Ed; and, Portia LaFerla, Torrace Adult School

Webinar – Personalizing a Path to Mathematical Literacy in Adult Education Programs

Central Piedmont Community College, NC – Kydia McCoy

Case Study – Anecdotes from the Field: NROC Math as a Co-requisite (see file below)


Webinar – Completion by Design – NROC as Support for Central Piedmont Community College Initiatives

Jacksonville State University, AL – Courtney Peppers-Owen

Webinar – Adapting EdReady as an Alternative to Math Placement Exams