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NROC-Monterey_Small-83About the Community

All NROC Members are invited to participate in our NROC Community. The NROC Community consists of instructors, staff, and administrators who want to learn, share ideas, help each other, and work together to improve educational opportunities for everyone.

Any visitor can view the posts in the Community but to participate you must create an account.

  • Community Forum: The Community Forum provides a list of all posts created by members.
  • Discussion Groups: In the Discussion Groups, you can join any public group on a topic that interests you and view activity and members.
  • Member Map: If you are unsure if your institution is a member, you can find a list of members on our member map.
  • Community Members: Use the list of Community members to connect with others who may share your interests.

We invite you to participate, collaborate, and support each other to improve education. Join us!