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      Ahrash Bissell

      Hi everyone,

      This recent post ( by our colleagues at WCET caught my eye. At NROC, we certainly advocate for the benefits and importance of incorporating educational technology into teaching practice – whether FTF, online, or anything in between. At the same time, we find ourselves often assuring practitioners that we understand that appropriate use of technology is only one facet of quality instruction. The majority of the students we seek to serve still need human attention and engagement to support their progress. And indeed, the federal government demands “regular and substantive interaction” as a condition for accreditation and funding for programs that utilize tools or resources that are (or could be) administered online. As covered by this WCET communication, it can be difficult to ascertain what exactly comprises “regular and substantive interaction”.

      How do you define this requirement in your own work? Is that definition broadly shared by your colleagues, or otherwise aligned to your institutional policies? Do you find that NROC resources (the math and English courses, or the EdReady and Hippocampus platforms) facilitate the methods you want to use? What would you change or improve if you could?


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