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New EdReady English Scopes — Now Available!

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    Jessica Everton

    Happy Monday, everyone! We wanted to let you know that we have some new pre-loaded scopes available in EdReady:

    • TABE 11-12 English – Difficult – Reading
    • TABE 11-12 English – Difficult – Language
    • TABE 11-12 English – Difficult – Reading and Language (a combination of the 2 scopes listed above, for those that would like 1 consolidated study path)
    • TABE 11-12 English – Advanced – Reading
    • TABE 11-12 English – Advanced – Language
    • TABE 11-12 English – Advanced – Reading and Language (a combination of the 2 scopes listed above, for those that would like 1 consolidated study path)

    All NROC members have access to these in the pre-loaded scope list in their EdReady site. If you need additional information or help with these scopes, please reach out to your Implementation Consultant:

    Thanks so much to those on the NROC Adult Ed advisory group who participated in creating and reviewing these scopes!

    **And as a reminder, we also have these math scopes available:

    • TABE 11-12 Math – Easy-Medium
    • TABE 11-12 Math – Difficult
    • TABE 11-12 Math – Advanced
    • NRS Level 1-2
    • NRS Level 3
    • NRS Level 4
    • NRS Level 5-6

    Have a wonderful week!

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    Jenna Felish

    Hi Jessica! Where would I locate these scope lists?


    Thank you!

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      Jessica Everton

      Hi, Jenna. I’m going to let your Implementation Consultant, Jason Gipson-Nahman, know that you are interested in these scopes so he can help you load what you need into your EdReady site.


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      Nicole McCabe

      Hi Jenna,

      I just wanted to chime in & provide some extra guidance on where you can find all the pre-loaded scopes on your site. If you’re an Administrator with access to the “Scopes” tab:

      1. Click the Create New Scope button
      2. Then select the Start with a Pre-Loaded scope link
      3. The on-screen display will expand to show all pre-loaded scopes: you can enter text into the Filter row to more easily find the scope you’re interested in
      4. Click the Clone link for the scope you want to copy
      5. A copy of that scope will automatically be put into your EdReady site: you can edit it or use it as-is. Be sure to edit the name, since “cloned” will be placed onto the title by default!

      The full list of pre-loaded scopes can be found at the NROC Network here. You can also see a demonstration of cloning a pre-loaded scope into your site in this video: Launching EdReady in 5 Simple Steps (webinar recording)

      Hope that helps! Please reach out (via a support ticket, office hours, or implementation appointment) if you’d like any extra guidance.


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