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New EdReady Math Scopes — Now Available!

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    Jessica Everton

    We have 7 new pre-loaded math scopes available in EdReady for Adult Education:

    • TABE 11-12 Math – Easy-Medium
    • TABE 11-12 Math – Difficult
    • TABE 11-12 Math – Advanced
    • NRS Level 1-2
    • NRS Level 3
    • NRS Level 4
    • NRS Level 5-6

    All NROC members have access to these in the pre-loaded scope list in their EdReady site. If you need additional information or help with these scopes, please reach out to your Implementation Consultant:

    A big THANK YOU to the NROC Adult Ed advisory group for all of your help creating and reviewing these scopes!

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    Jessica Everton

    Hello! We now have EdReady scopes available that reflect the CASAS math content standards for Levels A through E. You can access these as pre-loaded scopes in your EdReady site or view the details for all of our pre-loaded scopes here. THANK YOU to all of our members who participated in this alignment process.

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