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New report on EdReady for GED Math Test Prep

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    Beth Pickett

    We’ve just published a new write-up on how EdReady is being used with ABE students in Nebraska to help them prepare for the GED math test. The PDF is attached here.

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    Tina Hite

    I’m curious. What goal and scope(s) did you use?

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    Beth Pickett

    Hey Tina, apologies for taking so long to reply. According to Felicity at MCC, they primarily used a goal they call General Math: mcc_generalmath. That was enough for some students to pass the GED. Other students needed the Algebra and Geometry goal: mcc_algebrageometry. They have another one that they only used when they’re helping someone prep for credit courses (mcc_algebratrigonometry).

    The scopes were custom created with help from NROC’s Jason Gipson-Nahman, as follows:

    Unit 1, all minus Lessons 4 and 5
    Unit 2, all
    Unit 3, all
    Unit 5, all

    General Math, Units 1-8

    Algebra and Geometry, Units 9-14

    Advanced Algebra and Trigonometry, Units 15-19

    Does that help?

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    Tina Hite

    It does help. Thank you.

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