Ed Ready Correlation with WIOA and NCRC

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      April Lawton

      Hello~ I’m new to working with Ed Ready here in Nebraska. Does anyone know if or how Ed Ready is correlated to WIOA and/or NCRC?



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      Ahrash Bissell

      Hi April,

      To our knowledge, no one has tried to create a shareable assessment that is correlated to the NCRC Applied Math assessment. My expectation is that an NCRC-aligned assessment would reference mostly the basic arithmetic units in EdReady, but precisely which topics within those units, I’m not sure. The related WIOA standards encompass a number of skills beyond the academic, so any alignment in EdReady would necessarily only address a subset of those expectations. Then again, it is possible to host any set of expectations in EdReady as a core suite of targeted learning objectives, so if someone is really interested in a project like that, please let me know!

      If you have any insight into the specific expectation of the Applied Math component of the NCRC, would you be willing to analyse a possible alignment within EdReady? We could include that aligned assessment in the public list so everyone would benefit…


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