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      Beth Pickett

      Hi everyone,

      Three EdReady updates have gone live since school got out for the summer; here is an overview of what’s been updated.

      The release on July 6 included significant work on what we are calling the “Study Path Sequencing,” which gives teachers and administrators the ability to segment a larger scope into smaller segments, then control how students can access those segments. Students who master the first segment of a scope sequence can either unlock the next part of the sequence automatically or access can be controlled with a key.

      Additional tasks included:
      • adding a “Study Path Sequence” management section within the “Goal Options” tab.
      • creating a new database table to manage the Study Path Sequence configuration per student.
      • correcting the functionality of the “Show Key” option.
      • displaying elements of the Settings section only when Lock Down is checked.
      • matching the confirmation message shown after updating a Goal with the standards.
      • setting a time limit for showing the confirmation message after updating scores.
      • setting a time limit for showing the confirmation message after unlocking a scope.
      • setting the study path to stay in sequence even if a student starts from a scope that is not the first one in the order.
      • renamed “Target Options” tab to “Goal Options” to better manage content when teachers choose to break up a scope.

      And we squashed a few bugs:
      • fixed server errors when trying to copy an existing goal, when trying to continue a diagnostic as a student, and when starting a diagnostic.
      • fixed a server error shown while clicking on the “Go to Goal” for existing goals when “Goal Options” has not been configured.
      • fixed a server error shown while refreshing the page right after unlocking a scope.

      Full report here.

      The release of August 10 saw continued improvements on the functionality to break up a scope: added a method to “select all” or “unselect all” for the checkboxes in the Study Path Order section, and re-ordered the sub-sections so that the “Study Path Order” is first and “Settings” appears second.

      We also added functionality to lock or unlock items in EdReady, including lock/unlock a study path from the admin dashboard, lock/unlock the next scope in a post-diagnostic message, and lock/unlock and order the columns in the Goal Scopes relation in the Study Paths sub tab with the Students, Goal Editing, and Study Path Options tabs. We also clarified the success message for the locking and unlocking of study paths by an administrator.

      For improved accessibility, we enabled the contrast controls checkbox for non-student users. We also added a help button for all users, not just those who are logged in. And we improved the message displayed when a user with a teacher role logs in via SSO.

      And we fixed some bugs. Specifically, we:
      • cleared the issue of logging in on a new browser window when you have another tab open in EdReady; it now allows you to log in, but will expire the EdReady session in the other open tab.
      • cleared the issue of a student who had not hit a target score of 100, but nevertheless got the congratulations page and could no longer work in EdReady.
      • cleared a bug that created two copies instead of one when an existing goal was copied.
      • cleared an issue with cursor functionality in the filter tables.
      • created a method to allow accessibility options to be saved in a guest user account on a version site with custom fields.
      • fixed an issue with loading of the Selected Scopes table in the Scopes tab.
      • fixed an issue with removing a scope from a cloned goal.
      • fixed an issue with the proper display of an auto-activated goal.
      • fixed a 404 error issue with the Lookup URL.

      Full report here.

      Last, we released a third update last Saturday, on September 7.

      We added additional functionality to lock or unlock study paths from administrator dashboards through bulk actions, added the ability to capture and include an IP address in the connection details for each user session, added a WYSIWYG editor for fields that support HTML for study path messaging, and improved the layout of the bookmarks page.

      And we cleared some bugs:
      • Fixed a problem with the new sequenced scope settings not copying properly when copying a goal from a template site.
      • Reinstated the congratulations page after a student completes the diagnostic test.
      • Fixed the language in the congratulations email to have the header match the on-screen setting.
      • Fixed the 404 Error when accessing Bookmarks via the My Bookmarks – Student Data Summary sub-tabs.
      • The click-ability of the units on the first page of a student’s study path was inadvertently turned off recently; it was turned back on in this version.
      • The “Excluded Question Collections” table had gone missing; it’s back.
      • Fixed an error related to SSO protocols.
      • Added missing functionality to first save changes to a study path before loading edits to a study path message.
      • Corrected the situation where the ‘Shapes’ view broke when activating both the ‘Shapes’ view and the ‘Display Options.’
      • Set a rule that every study path MUST have an initial diagnostic.
      • Reinstated the ability to remove units from a scope.
      • Set the “read” count to decrease properly after clicking on an entire row of the details table.
      • Removed problematic default images from the css file.
      • Data visibility reinstated when looking at the “Archived Students” tab with the “Archived Date” column added and sorted.
      • Invalid version page now loads using Android Tablet.
      • The forget password page now loads after creating a new student user.

      Full report here.

      – The EdReady Dev Team

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