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      Ahrash Bissell

      Hi everyone,

      We updated EdReady again this past weekend. As usual, you may find that you and your students will need to refresh your browsers and/or clear your caches. Refer to this site if you need help with that process: http://refreshyourcache.com

      These details are also available in the release notes.

      This was a major release, with a lot of substantial changes for both the student experience and for platform performance and stability. The performance improvements required us to re-organize a lot of the data, but based on these changes, we are expecting to be in a strong position to maintain EdReady for the long term, even as we the number of users continues to climb. This sort of work remains a priority and you will continue to see further performance improvements over the course of this year.

      As mentioned in the previous update, we will occasionally need to re-organize and/or suspend access to certain types of data, at least for a time. If we are going to permanently remove certain data fields, we will try to send out alerts ahead of time. If something goes missing that you really need, please let us know ASAP and we will see what we can do.

      For students, the most exciting changes relate to the study path and the learning resources, especially for Developmental English. Every topic on the study path shows one or more small circles, each of which represents one of the learning objectives aligned to that topic. We call these “LO dots”. Now the dots accurately display the mastery status for that student, as follows: red means “Not mastered”, green means “Mastered”, and empty means it has not yet been assessed. You can also hover over any dot to see the text of that objective.

      For Dev English students, this new status information carries over to the resource player, where every resource is shown with the aligned objectives and the mastery status for each. The objectives are also listed on the left-hand side.

      There is also now an option topic tests to <u>only</u> re-test unmastered objectives. This option will streamline the mastery experience for students but it may also make it easier for students to guess their way to mastery of a topic.

      These improvements were completed in direct response to the feedback we received from members who piloted the EdReady English offering last year. There are some additional improvements coming very soon, including the inclusion of “Supporting Materials” in the Dev English resource player, and a reserved pool o diagnostic questions for English to limit the length of the reading passages. Thank you to our members!

      There are a number of other updates as well. For example:

      • There are additional navigation options for administrators and reporting users to make it easier to jump from table to table.
      • The “Post-diagnostic message” for a study path now includes an option to show the diagnostic score on-screen and in an email.
      • We have added a substantial amount of additional permissions management for reporting users, which allows you to grant or withhold access to specific tables and tabs on the Reporting Dashboard.
      • It is now much easier to include or exclude question and resource collections for each scope.

      As usual, we found and fixed a number of minor bugs and annoyances as well.

      Please contact us if you have any questions or comments!

      Thank you.

      • The EdReady Dev Team
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