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      Ahrash Bissell

      Hi everyone,

      The latest EdReady update went through over the weekend.

      Read the full release notes here.

      The bulk of the effort for this release was focused on the initial round of work in response to the recently completed accessibility audit. The updates included better labeling and handling throughout for students who need to use EdReady with a screen reader, additional graphics for visually impaired users, and a round of general fixes for errors that surfaced during the audit. We also made progress on some optional settings which will enable users to specify more precisely how EdReady should behave so that it is more effective for their learning needs.

      We also want to share that we discovered some flaws in the current manner in which screen readers are interacting with the math (e.g., formulas and equations) in the questions and the learning resources. These issues are not consistent across different operating systems and browsers, so they are proving to be very challenging to troubleshoot and repair. We are devoting substantial effort to resolving these issues ASAP. Thanks for your patience and participation as we all work to make EdReady as robust as possible for all users.

      Beyond those improvements, we also completed some important work enhancing the security and performance of the API endpoints used to manage data flows within and beyond the application.

      Accessibility improvements will remain the focus in this next round of work.

      • The EdReady Dev Team
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