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      Ahrash Bissell

      Hi everyone,

      Fast on the heels of the latest release, we have some questions for you! EdReady has now been in active usage for 3+ years. In that time, we have learned a lot from many of you about what works well, what needs improvement, and what additional possibilities lie before us. We constantly strive to catalog and respond to your requests, even as we work continuously to make EdReady a more secure, accessible, flexible, and powerful platform for adaptive and personalized learning.

      With this latest release, and with some of the updates planned for later this year, you will see some things shift around within the administrative and reporting interfaces. In addition, you will see some of the labels change. These changes reflect underlying improvements in EdReady’s architecture, and they are intended to make EdReady easier to understand and navigate.

      We are looking for your feedback on one of the more significant proposed labeling changes. The word “Assessment”, as it is used in the EdReady context, has always been confusing for EdReady users. Currently, an “Assessment” refers to the customized scope of expectations that is set and saved by an administrator. Once the “Assessment” has been saved and added to a Goal, students can test themselves within that “Assessment” in pursuit of the Goal.

      We are proposing to change the label “Assessment” to “Scope of Expectations”, or “Scope” for short. We feel this labeling change more accurately reflects the nature of the object in EdReady. We will probably remove the word “assessment” nearly everywhere, though if it remains it will be synonymous with “test”, which is what most users think anyway.

      What are your thoughts?

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      Randi Eisen

      I like the idea of renaming ‘assessment’.  This has always been confusing when I an explaining EdReady to other educators.  Sometimes I describe it as a set of curriculum,  so scope would work well too.

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      Ryan Schrenk

      I agree. Scope sounds good to me as well. I find myself calling it the “scope of study” vs what is tested on the “initial diagnostic” being a subset of that when describing the program.

      We refer to the whole package as a “goal” that would equate to “Algebra 1 Readiness” for instance.

      This is how my current blurb goes…hope this helps:

      The goal of Algebra 1 Readiness is essentially the Scope of Study available in EdReady that is available to help a student be ready for day 1 of Algebra 1 class.  It’s made up of a scope of study with learning resources and the topic tests to go with it.  The initial diagnostic tests the student over a subset of those skills after which each student gets a customized study path to show where they are now and how to work toward mastery of the scope of study.  And… you can now look into the results of that test to see exactly what a student answered correctly, incorrectly or skipped.

      This is generally where some good conversations and/or walk-throughs start…


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      Ahrash Bissell

      Thanks Randi and Ryan for the feedback. We are going to proceed with the planned name-change. We should have that in place by November.

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