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      David Rhoads

      Has anyone created an EdReady goal/assessment alignment for GRE prep?  We would like to create a goal that can be used for this purpose for our students going on to their Masters degrees.

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      Ahrash Bissell

      I am not aware that anyone has aligned an EdReady assessment for these more advanced benchmarks. Are you thinking about the quantitative reasoning section of the general GRE exam? Or are there specific GRE subject exams that you are thinking of?

      A cursory review of the general GRE exam suggests that the current topical coverage in EdReady should do a decent job of covering the expectations for the quantitative reasoning portion. We would be delighted if you (and other interested members) wanted to take a stab at the alignment, based on whatever information about the exam coverage you can obtain. We can incorporate that aligned assessment into the pre-aligned EdReady assessment pool so that others can clone and customize with that as a starting point.

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