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      Ahrash Bissell

      Hi everyone,

      The latest EdReady update went through on Friday night, May 11. The majority of the effort for this latest release was focused on cleaning up the data and content in the application, including upgrading the processes we use to keep everything up-to-date.

      Still, we had some time to prioritize a few key feature developments, including those described here. Read the full release notes here.

      The most substantial new feature allows you to adjust the settings for a scope so that a student can take the same scope in more than one goal. The combination of a scope and a goal defines a ‘study path’, so this feature means that students can now pursue a study path more than one time, separated by goal.

      • This feature was requested by several members who encountered cases where students needed to ‘start over’ on their study path. For example, if a student takes a study path in Fall semester but does not do well enough to pass, that student might have to re-take that study path the next semester. Previously, you would have had to clone <u>both</u> the scope and the goal since students can only work on a scope in one place at any time. Now, the student can pursue the same scope in a new goal.
      • We also see applications for this feature in any situation where a student might need to work on the same study path more than once.
      • The feature is enabled via a setting on the Scopes tab where you can designate the maximum number of times that a study path can be taken by any one student. Each study path must still be in a separate goal.
      • We added quite a few additional options to the study-path management facility where administrators and teachers can manually organize and/or correct the different study path enrollments for students.
      • We think we have finally squashed a challenging bug related to the LTI-based single-sign-on (SSO) protocol. This bug was throwing an ugly http 500 error for students who tried to sign on to EdReady via SSO when they already had an account they had created directly on the site.
      • There is another new feature specific to Developmental English. We now have a pool of questions for Developmental English which are specifically reserved for use during the initial diagnostic. These questions avoid the use of long reading passages, which we heard from teachers and students were quite frustrating for students since the questions are pulled randomly and students found themselves having to read a lot of different material with little benefit.
        • As with most features, the option to ‘use reserved diagnostic question pool’ can be enabled or disabled as needed. It is now on by default for all Dev English study paths. You can turn it off in the study path options.
        • The special diagnostic pool of questions has to also be included in your scope. The question collection is now included for all Dev English scopes. You can remove it if you want to but we would recommend leaving it included.
        • Over time, we hope to generate other collections of questions which will be reserved for the initial diagnostic and/or post-tests. If you are interested in helping us out with this effort, let us know!
      • There is now an option to have NO title on the Congratulations page. For cases where that page is really an interim milestone, it can often make sense to leave out the title.

      The EdReady Dev Team

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