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      Ahrash Bissell

      Hi everyone,

      We updated EdReady last night. This update is the culmination of several rounds of development and includes some substantial improvements in both the assessment-taking experience and the depth of available reporting.

      These details are also available in the release notes:

      The following bug fixes, new features, and improvements are part of this EdReady release:

      • Conversion of the EdReady “assessment player” from a pop-up modal to a full-screen facility. This conversion eliminates the sizing and orientation issues that were especially prevalent in the new types of supported questions.
      • Re-arrangement of the assessment options so that it is easier to navigate.
      • Full roll-out of the detailed graphs and tables for individual student assessments. These charts and tables allow very deep dives into individual student progress and activity data for a specific assessment. The data are divided into three tabs: Overview, Tests Taken, and Resources.
        • The Overview section contains summary statistics for a single student within a single assessment, as well as a collection of charts intended to illustrate trends and behaviors of interest. The charts can be converted to tables on demand, and all of the charts can be delimited by a date range. We will be adding additional charts and tables over time.
        • The Tests Taken section lists every test completed by this student within this assessment. Clicking “Details” will reveal the specific questions administered for that test, where you can review the questions, the aligned learning objectives, the correct answer, and the student answer.
        • The Resources section lists every resource (learning intervention) accessed by that student from the study path for this assessment, along with some summary details. In the future, we will include additional session-level details for each resource.
      • These data are illustrative of the most basal level of data capture within the EdReady system. We are now working our way through the existing tables to add additional columns of information and additional functionality. Some of that work is part of this release, but much of it will be spread out over the remainder of the year as we fill in data gaps and ensure that administrators and teachers can obtain the summary data they need.
      • We made a few more improvements to the new resource-group player (specific to Developmental English for now).
      • We fixed some reporting errors (display only, not in the database) and also resolved a number of reported issues using the Help functions on Safari and IE.
      • We are starting a site-wide labeling review and have made some initial changes. More changes will be coming.
      • We fixed the email and print buttons on some of the tables.
      • We added a number of features to make it easier to manage question and resource alignments, along with some performance improvements and general bug fixes.

      Thanks for your continued involvement and support!

      The EdReady dev team

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