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      Ahrash Bissell

      Hi everyone,

      Our first update in 2018 happened this past weekend. Most of the changes were behind the scenes, but nonetheles, you may find that you need you and your students to refresh your browsers and/or clear your caches. Refer to this site if you need help with that process: http://refreshyourcache.com

      These details are also available in the release notes.

      Note: A number of students and administrators encountered some issues either logging in or accessing student data today. We apologize for the disruption. Some of the changes outlines below had unexpected interactions with certain accounts. Those problems have been resolved, and we have now incorporated additional tests in our development process to avoid having those issues occur again. Thank you for your patience.

      The most substantial changes for this release were related to performance improvements, especially for admins and teachers pulling up charts and tables of student activities. We are investing a lot of effort in re-organizing some of the database structures throughout EdReady to improve the reliability and speed of the tables, some of which have grown very large for some members.

      These improvements will mean that some of the data columns we used to show on some of the tables will be temporarily removed. Though the difference may not be obvious for most people, some of the data in a table can be quite intensive to calculate, and our tests indicate that those requests are slowing EdReady down for all users. We know that many of you have come to depend on the information in the tables for both monitoring and reporting purposes, so we are going to try to minimize the time that we don’t show the data as much as possible. Rest assured that the data remain in the system… the problem is not capturing and storing the data; rather, it is figuring out how to display it easily.

      If you discover that there are specific columns or other data sources which are no longer available, please let us know right away and we will try to expedite the work on that part of EdReady. We cannot tell which parts of EdReady are most important to different users, so we are relying on you to help us set some of these priorities. This work on improving performance is slated to continue for the next few months.

      In addition, there are some nice improvements now available. For example:

      • You can now view the student sessions summary table from the Reporting Dashboard.
      • When you set up custom “Study Path Progress” messages as milestones, those milestones are now added to the student’s “Milestones” table. This feature provides a new way of both encouraging and tracking student progress on the study path. If you need help setting up this feature, please contact support.
      • When you review questions answered for individual students, the mastery status of each aligned learning objective tested by that question is shown in the question-review pane. Mouse over the status dot to see the text of each objective.

      As usual, we found and fixed a number of minor bugs and annoyances as well.

      Please contact us if you have any questions or comments!

      Thank you.

      • The EdReady Dev Team
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