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      Ahrash Bissell

      Hi everyone,

      The latest EdReady update went live over the weekend. These last few releases have been heavily focused on accessibility improvements, and we are excited that we have reached a point where we can return more of our attention to feature developments.

      With this latest release, we were able to add a few minor features that were specifically requested by our members, including:

      • We now hide the goal key by default on-screen while it is being typed in. You can toggle a switch to see it if there is no reason to hide it.
      • In the ‘Study Path’s table on the Reporting Dashboard, you can now click on any scope which is in ‘Multiple’ goals to see which goals are included. You can also search by goal name, and if the goal is included, that row will be retained.
      • We fixed a problem where the students were able to use the browser’s ‘Back’ button at the end of an assessment to effectively restart that assessment, thereby avoiding the requirement to study the material. This behavior caused a number of additional problems, all of which should now be resolved with our new handling.
      • We also resolved a few issues with the Reporting feature where you can review the questions students answered in prior assessments, including a problem where the learning objectives were not being shown, and also an issue with the matching questions.
      • We significantly updated and streamlined the management of SSO connections to better accommodate the different supported protocols.
      • Finally, we updated our API suite and associated documentation to make data-integrations with external applications easier to manage.

      We continue to make progress on our ‘Event Tracker’ and the associated ‘Alerts System’. Also, if you haven’t checked out the new ‘Advanced Reporting Tool (ART)’, we encourage you to do so!

      Read the full release notes here.

      – The EdReady Dev Team

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