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      Melissa Garner

      Oregon has been working hard on getting a state-wide implementation of EdReady Math out to our k-12 schools and districts. As we have moved beyond our pilot stage, we are putting a strong effort into automating processes as much as possible for both educators and learners.

      I’d like to share those resources with you so that you can use them in any way that’s helpful to you. They are CC0 licensed which means you can use them in any way you wish.

      Our “Advertising” page that is shared with educators (and is teacher focused) is built using Microsoft Sway (Adobe Spark would work the same way). Please view our page for more detail.

      In addition, we have several documents that have all my scripts, communications, and sheets for use with our implementing schools and districts. They are all indexed in this Google Doc.

      My contact information is at the bottom of the above document and I’m more than happy to answer any question you may have.

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      Terri Rowenhorst

      Thanks so much for sharing in the true spirit of membership, Melissa.  Careful planning like this can make such a difference in a smooth statewide roll-out.    We hope your post will inspire other members to share some of the tools and processes they’ve developed as well!

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      Amanda Melton

      Melissa, we are so impressed with your new, engaging site and communications protocol. Expect us to spotlight your work across our channels.

      Thanks so much for your generous contributions to the NROC community.

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      Ryan Schrenk

      Thanks for sharing Melissa!  Great stuff and can’t wait to continue working with you as both of our programs grow and evolve.


Viewing 3 reply threads
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