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      This group is for all users of EdReady to post their experiences and ideas with EdReady. Keep in mind, this is an open forum where everyone — students, parents, administrators and instructors — can read what you write.

      This group is moderated, and any inappropriate posts will be removed. If you notice an inappropriate post, you can report it using the “Report a problem with the community” link in the footer of the site.

      In order to post in this forum, you need to be a registered member of the community, and a member of the EdReady group. After you register and login, just click “Join Group” at the top of the group page, and you’ll be able to participate.

      Group members are welcome to create “member groups” for special interest discussions. You can invite registered members to join the group, or you can invite anyone you know via email.

      We look forward to hearing your experiences with EdReady!

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      Lisa Duddy



      I just wanted to say hello as a new member to this group. I am the Academic Director for a 12 school consortium that is implementing Ed Ready with a focus on preparing healthcare students to move from the non-credit side to the credit side of education. I am looking forward to learning about the various ways Ed Ready is being promoted for student success. Thanks!

      Lisa Duddy

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      Ben Jacobs

      Hi Lisa,

      We are so glad you are here! You have done a wonderful job getting the consortium off to a great start, and I am really excited about working with you in the future. Also, thank you for taking time to post in the community! The community is a great place to start when looking for additional ways to implement EdReady. You can also attend office hours any day of the week to get assistance from our Implementation team. The office hours offerings can be found here.

      Again, thank you for your participation within community. We look forward to all of your great questions and ideas you will be sharing here!


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