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      Ahrash Bissell

      Hi everyone,

      We wrapped up the year with several substantial updates for EdReady. As usual, you may find that you need you and your students to refresh your browsers and/or clear your caches. Refer to this site if you need help with that process: http://refreshyourcache.com

      The details are available in the release notes.

      The most substantial updates all relate to a new tab on the Admin Dashboard called “Study Path Options”. We showcased some of the features within this tab on this webinar. Some of the features are still in the final stages of development, but available features have been grouped into two sub-tabs: Test Settings and Messaging.

      • The Test Settings sub-tab consolidates a number of features that were previously scattered about other areas of the admin dashboard. There are also some new test settings available. These features include options to activate or de-activate a study path, enable or disable expedited testing or unit tests, and even skip the initial diagnostic entirely.
      • The Messaging sub-tab dramatically expands the options for on-screen and emailed communications with students as they pursue any given study path. You can now customize the message within most of the text boxes that appear to help students navigate the EdReady experience, and you can add new messages to appear at pre-determined progress points as the student works to complete the initial diagnostic test and/or the study path.

      As usual, these new and enhanced features were built in response to substantial feedback and request from the NROC community. Each feature is intended to improve EdReady’s ability to support particular use-cases, but we are confident that these features will improve student experiences and outcomes in many different implementations. If desired, please contact us for more information and ideas on how to use these features. We are looking forward to hearing more feedback from our community.

      In addition to these new options, we finally resolved some persistent bugs which had forced us to remove mathcing and graphing questions from the EdReady item pool for some time. With those bugs resolved, we merged the graphing and matching questions back into the general pool, so all students will once again benefit from those item types.

      We also added a large number of new questions to the item pool, mostly within the “Becky Moening Collection”. We now have several distinct collections of math assessment items: default “NROC Developmental Math”, “SIA Tech”, “Becky Moening”, “Christianne Nieuwsma”, and “Aaron Wong”. Each of these collections was created by experts and subject to certain levels of editorial review, and each collection offers potentially distinctive ways of assessing student competency against the aligned learning objectives. We are planning to provide a lot more information about each collection as part of the customization enhancements in 2018.

      Please contact us if you have any questions or comments!

      Thank you.

      • The EdReady Dev Team
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