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    Where is the American government content? I am disappointed that it has been completely removed. In previous years I used the videos to support my lessons in American government, why would you remove them?

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    Beth Pickett

    Hi Patrice,

    That American Government content is owned by the University of California, which declined to renew our 10-year distribution agreement with them in favor of offering the content, for a fee, exclusively from their own http://www.ucscout.org website. We have not yet found any content to replace it at HippoCampus, but we welcome your suggestions for alternative multimedia (video, animation) material that we could consider. We did post notices as early as last fall announcing the retirement in June, and are sorry that you missed seeing those. We tried to make sure no one was taken by surprise.


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    Jon Fila

    We’ve worked to replace that content with quite a few materials from the following sources:



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