More Why U topics arriving soon at HippoCampus

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    Beth Pickett

    HippoCampus will be adding seven new video titles to the Why U collection this summer, all for the Algebra Foundational Concepts category. The topics include:

    Linear Equations in the Real World

    Solving Literal Equations

    Solving Problems with Linear Equations

    Solving Motion Problems with Linear Equations

    Understanding Percentages

    Solving Percentage Problems with Linear Equations

    Calculating Mixtures of Solutions

    The Why U collection uses high-quality animations to explain the WHY behind the math, providing “insights into the conceptual foundation and framework of mathematics.  These videos are designed to be used as collateral material for mathematics courses on the K-12 and college levels, and to be a resource for informal independent study. Rather than focusing on procedural problem solving, the objective is to give insight into the <b>concepts</b> on which the rules of mathematics are based. Once a student has gained a strong conceptual foundation, the material presented in math textbooks is much easier to digest and retain” (as described on their site).


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    Scott Beckett

    Beth, I’m going to enjoy watching these myself!  I think they may be useful for our Psychology grad assistants as they prepare their short, “highlights” reminder of the NROC Presentation and Worked Examples videos that students have watched.  And, of course, we’ll make them available for the students also.

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