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      Ryan Schrenk

      Hi all,
      We have a former ambassador who did PD for us in Montana who works as an MTSS consultant in CO Dept of Ed and has been in that field for some time. Here is what she shared with Virg and our team:
      1.  Yes, EdReady is a perfect program for our MTSS schools because of the fact that it has a diagnostic with scaffold support for students

      2. The diagnostic identifies <skills deficits in students. (maybe good term to use with MTSS schools)

      3.  The uses evidence based practices  because of the fact that the program has students practice, student gets feedback, and students work at their own pace, etc.

      4.  The program is research based because of all of the research that NROC, Ryan, the University, etc. has done.

      5.  It supports students at Tiers I, II and III, but II and III are the tiers that schools are looking for interventions most.

      In fact, when she taught classes in Billings at the university, she used EdReady as an example of an program that would work for MTSS.  She said that the way that MTSS schools would probably use the program is to have a different progress monitoring tool in place like Dibbles or another assessment program that can assess students on a regular basis like every few weeks.  EdReady would be the intervention used and the effectiveness of the program for each student would be determined from their progress monitoring.

      She also said that in MT there are no set programs that schools use.  Schools can use whatever they want as long as progress monitoring shows that it works for the student.  She suggested that IF we present at MBI this summer (still waiting to hear back) that we mention EdReady’s possible role in MTSS schools.  She also suggested looking at the website https://<wbr /> to see what the steps are to be added to this list.  She said that a lot of schools look here for interventions

      I did some digging on that site.  Looks like the 2018 window is closed to be listed but I wonder if this site/process (maybe  other sites that they know of too?) would be a good one for the group to consider for 2019? https://intensiveintervention.<wbr />org/about-charts-archived-call<
      Looking forward to our work together,

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