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EdReady Within the MTSS Framework

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      Virg Hale

      Hello all. I just got off a great meeting with Terri and Ryan where we were discussing a continued look at MTSS here in MT. At our MBI (Montana Behavioral Initiative) conference in June, I had the pleasure of meeting and working with Lori Newcomer from the University of Missouri who has been working with MT for several years on transitioning our MBI schools into MTSS schools. I was able to work with her and several other consultants to create a graph showing how EdReady Montana fits into the MTSS framework. I have attached a rough draft of it below. You can see from the framework Marla put together how well EdReady fits into MTSS! She was very excited about the program and about the opportunity all MT schools have for using it. Our Office of Public Instruction will be creating what they call a blueprint to share with schools in MT on statewide and free resources that can be used by and meet the needs of our MTSS schools. I will be training the MTSS and MBI consultants in November on EdReady Montana so that they can share the program with their schools. We have a handful of the MTSS schools (of which we only have 50ish) who are already using the EdReady Montana program so we will be working with those schools to track how we are tied into their MTSS program within the school. My local HS in Dillon, MT has been using EdReady for several years with the Title I and Special Education students. They are not an MTSS school yet, but their new administrator was at one of the Billings HS which was. I will be following along on how they will use EdReady to meet the needs of their Tier II and Tier III students (which they already are), as they track the date and work with their Tier II and III teams to make adjustments on usage of EdReady Montana. We are really excited to move forward with this usage of our program. Let me know if you have any questions!

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      Terri Rowenhorst

      Thanks so much for sharing this document about how EdReady meets the MTSS requirements, Virg! It looks like this should have great relevance in other states as well. We’d like to host a follow-on meeting with our K12 members interested in learning more about optimizing implementation for this use. Feel free to invite colleagues to join this conversation.

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