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Additional Readings for Units

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    Jon Fila

    I thought I’d add some of the additional resources (I know that some are suggested in the in Enrichment Materials in the Instructor guides) I’m using that are related to the ones provided in the units in case anyone else might find them useful as well. I’ve found it helpful to have additional resources related to the topics for further practice and discussion.

    Unit: Introduction to College Reading and Writing
    Death to Pennies (Video)

    Unit: Identifying Main Ideas
    I, Too, Sing America by Langston Hughes (Poem)

    Unit: Discovering Implied Meaning
    Incident by Countee Cullen (Poem)
    What to the Slave is the Fourth of July? by Frederick Douglass (Speech)

    I’ll add others as I work my way through the course if anyone thinks they’ll be useful. So far these have been well received by my ALC students.

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    Jessica Everton

    Jon, thanks for sharing these extra resources — great suggestions! We will collect these and find a way to share them back with Pilots and members in the fall.

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