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      Hello NROC Members,

      We are pleased to announce that the HTML5 versions of all NROC Math courses have been officially released. This update includes:

      • NROC Algebra 1
      • NROC Developmental Math
      • NROC Developmental Math with Pre-Assessments

      Please contact your NROC Project Manager or LMS Administrator to have the course installed in your LMS. (If you are the administrator, see further details below.)

      Summary of Benefits of HTML5 version

      • Removed barriers to accessibility (Flash) and implemented uniform caption text for all video resources.
      • Improved rendering of equations (vector images/not bitmaps).
      • Topic Player/Review test has two forms (sets of questions) chosen at random (Dev Math only).
      • Integrated “Topic Text”.
      • Bookmarking of progress within each user session.
      • LMS course structure has been reorganized:
        • Consolidated instructor resources.
        • Added link to help center.
        • DevMath has a single link for unit objectives.
        • DevMath now has 4, rather than just 2, forms (versions) of the Unit Quiz.
      • First phase of WCAG 2.0 AA compliance:
        • Complete keyboard navigation.
        • ARIA tags for screen readers.
        • Improved GUI colors/contrast.

      Note: Additional WCAG 2.0 AA compliance enhancements will soon be in development.


      Those with secure access at can navigate to Courses >> NROC Math, select the desired course, then visit the Installation tab and fill out the request form. You may request multiple courses on the same form.

      If you already have access to the installation guide for your chosen course(s), you may simply visit the installation guide and download the course IMSCC file.

      If you need additional assistance, please submit a support ticket.

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