I would like to make the unit Pre-Assessments mandatory

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      Jan Hood

      Has anyone done this? I understand there are disadvantages, but I want to try it for at least a term or two to see it’s effectiveness. Right now, despite advising students that I want them to take the pre-assessment to ensure they have a mastery of the subject matter in the unit, they (like most students) want to jump straight to the end and take the unit quiz without making any attempt to learn what’s in the unit. So most of the time, they inevitably fail the quiz.

      We’re using EdReady Dev Math within Canvas, but I don’t see any way to single out that page to make visiting it mandatory (like putting it in it’s own module) because the URL is the same for the Unit Map, the Learning Path, and the Pre-Assessment. All I can do with that page is make them look at it – there is no functionality to make them actually DO anything there that I’ve found.

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