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      Ahrash Bissell

      I also posted this in the EdReady group, so apologies for duplicate postings. Interested members of the NROC community may want to participate in a contest to generate high-quality assessment items in math, as part of the ItemWriters: Algebra Readiness Challenge ( The challenge invites educators, psychometricians, and others to create a Collection of ten items using the CoreSpring Authoring Tools. Ultimately, these Collections will be made available so that educators can use the items to help students identify their strengths and weaknesses as they work towards getting ready for algebra. The Challenge is focused on the 7th grade standards. Registration is open until May 17. Participants are eligible for cash rewards up to $6,500.

      Note that the registration deadline is approaching.

      The NROC Project is monitoring this effort and discussing possible collaborations with some of the involved parties for potential enhancement of EdReady’s item pool and assessment tools. It would be great if some of our membership could get involved and submit feedback to this community.

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