Western Governors University

Welcome to Our NROC Network Group

As part of our commitment to education, our institution has chosen to fund a membership in the NROC Project. This membership allows our staff access to quality content and tools designed to help our students with college and career readiness. In addition, staff can participate in professional development opportunities at no cost. We encourage all our staff to take advantage of the opportunities provided with this membership.

On this Group home page (left navigation), you have these options:

  • Group Activity – Share news, updates, and announcements with our membership group, see who joined, and what others have posted.
  • Our NROC Links – Use the left navigation to find out more about our custom NROC resources.
  • Group Members – See others from our institution, add them as friends, and send them messages.
  • Send Invites – Invite others from our institution to register and participate. (Login required.)
  • Email Options – Decide how often you want to get notifications about activity within the group. (Login required.)

On the NROC Network website (top navigation), we encourage you to explore:

  • Courses – Explore the course content we have available through NROC that may be installed in your local learning management system (LMS).
  • Tools – Learn about the tools (EdReady and HippoCampus) customized for our institution.
  • Case Studies – Find use cases from other members to spark ideas on how best to utilize these resources.
  • Membership – Find out about the benefits of our membership and discover opportunities to share your experiences as an NROC Ambassador.
  • Professional Development – Access professional development opportunities, including live and archived monthly webinars and info sessions.
  • Connect with Members – Join discussion groups with the broader member community about topics of interest to you. (Login required.)
  • Support – Get support for using NROC resources.

We invite you to explore, participate, collaborate, connect, and learn!