August 18, 2016

NROC Ambassador Program

About the Program


The NROC Ambassador Program: Igniting the Power of Community

Teach. Lead. Learn.

NROC ambassadors represent member institutions committed to our collective efforts to improve student success on the path to college and career readiness. Ambassadors are willing to share hands-on experiences as teachers, leaders, and learners in adapting NROC resources to empower educators in the quest for new models that work. By sharing use cases, practical applications, efficacy data, recommendations, and lessons learned, Ambassadors broaden awareness of our work together. We invite you to join us by sharing your story and talents in webinars, conferences, workshops, social media, special member events, and more.  Click here to express your interest in participating.

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Award Winners

Each year at the annual NROC Member Meeting we recognize members for their outreach and contributions as Ambassadors.


Picture of Penny Pearson from OTAN holding her 2017 Ambassador Award.

2017 NROC AMBASSADOR OF THE YEAR: Penny Pearson, Outreach and Technical Assistance Network (OTAN), CA

This year’s NROC Ambassador of the Year award goes to a long-standing NROC Member who generously shares her time and expertise to help NROC develop a working understanding of the needs of adult learners. With patient persistence and a can-do spirit, she has served on the planning committee of every Member Meeting; she has supported NROC product pilots; and she has showcased the power of our partnership at webinars and conferences. OTAN’s work is groundbreaking and we are proud to be a partner in their efforts.


Group photo of the team from Hawaii accepting their 2017 award.

2017 NROC CONTRIBUTING TEAM OF THE YEAR: University of Hawai’i System, HI
Across the last year, there has been an escalation of voices from this year’s NROC Contributing Team of the Year: the University of Hawai’i System. They initially adopted EdReady as a high school outreach program serving students transitioning to college. Their notable success provided a model to help us forge a path forward with the application to serve other bridge programs across the country. Over the past three years, this team has expanded the reach of EdReady as part of their student success initiatives, including college placement preparation complete with CyberMentors. The University of Hawai’i System’s commitment to operationalize the use of EdReady for maximum impact in the state is a model effort that is impacting success across the country.



Scott Beckett, seated in his office.

NROC PIONEER AWARD: Scott Beckett, Jacksonville State University, AL

The NROC Pioneer Award is for members whose careers have left an indelible mark on education and the NROC community. This year’s recipient, Scott Beckett, has a passion for both the science and art of teaching and learning. He has proven to be a master of both, all the while sharing an indomitable spirit of generosity, kindness, and service.



2016 Ambassador Team of the Year: Jacksonville State Learning Services Team (below left)

2016 Contributing Team of the Year: EdReady Montana (Montana Digital Academy) (below right)




2015 InFranciscoHernandezGaryLopez-JudyLoweaugural Ambassador of the Year: Judy Lowe, Chattanooga State,  TN (left with NROC Executive Director, Gary Lopez)

2015 Special Pioneer Award: Francisco Hernandez, retired from University of Hawaii System, HI (right)

2015 Contributor of the Year: Shelby Brooks and Kalie Bible, Jacksonville State University, AL (for contributed workbook to accompany NROC Developmental Math)

Featured Ambassador


Scott Beckett, Jacksonville State University

As he embarks on retirement, we are proud to celebrate 2017 NROC Pioneer Award winner Scott Beckett. The Pioneer Award is reserved for members whose careers have left an indelible mark on education, both within and outside of the NROC community.

Scott possesses a passion for both the science and art of teaching and learning, and he is a master of both traditions. His craft is imbued with his indomitable spirit of generosity, empathy, and service. Scott’s declared mission has been to “work to reduce poverty and racial inequality by using Direct Instruction and Precision Teaching to help all students learn and pass college algebra.” His 20-year career as a dedicated math instructor at Alabama’s Jacksonville State University (JSU) is a body of evidence that demonstrates how thoroughly he has honored that commitment.

As part of a team rethinking college readiness at JSU, Scott worked to integrate NROC Math resources to offer a FastForward Algebra course for students needing to refresh their math skills. This successful course led to the team creation of a substantial workbook, freely available to all NROC members and designed to enhance math instruction. (At the 2018 NROC Member Meeting, College Track will share how they have adapted these resources for high school students.)

Scott’s guiding philosophy and accomplishments have bolstered NROC’s reach and improved the lives of countless learners. We honor him and thank him for his partnership and friendship.