November 30, 2016

Getting Started With Your Membership


We are pleased you have joined the NROC membership community and look forward to your active participation in the months and years ahead.

To begin, review the NROC Benefits of Membership to see what products and tools you would like to implement.  We have found that it is best to identify one or two that will have the biggest impact at your institution and begin with those.  This will allow you to focus your efforts to ensure a successful launch.  Once those systems are up and running smoothly, you can expand your usage into other areas.

Visit the Overview, NROC Network, and Implementation tabs below to get started. Then choose the Course or Tool tabs that you want to learn more about.



While every implementation is different, we have listed below the steps you should take:

  • Begin by identifying the product or tools you wish to use. Reviewing case studies may help you determine what product is right for you or give you ideas of how others are customizing NROC products.
  • Determine what your goal is and what metric you will use to determine success. This is a critical step that is often missed.
  • Identify the team members who will be involved or responsible for getting the product implemented, supported, distributed, and maintained.
  • Work with NROC to get the course installed or the tool set up. This process will vary depending on the product, and the NROC Team is here to help you.
  • Develop a strategy for how you will introduce your NROC Resources and planned use to your faculty and staff. This may include holding a meeting for those impacted to review next steps and implementation plans.  Our archived webinars and tutorials can be a useful resource.  If using the courses, remember to share the instructor and student guides with appropriate faculty.
  • Plan and publicize the “launch” of the new product to your users. If you are using EdReady, you will find valuable resources in our EdReady Toolkit.


  • Follow up at regular intervals to make sure that momentum is not lost and to check on progress toward the goal you defined. With busy schedules, it is easy for new initiatives to lose traction.
  • When our Implementation Team reaches out to you for follow-up calls, have all the appropriate staff on the call. This is an essential piece of ensuring success and meeting your stated goal.
  • Attend daily live office hours to get any questions or concerns answered in a timely manner.

NROC Network


The NROC Network is the one spot where you can access everything you need to have a successful experience using NROC’s courses and tools.  Access to non-secure resources is openly available to all visitors.  All staff at member institutions are encouraged to join the NROC Network so you can fully participate in the NROC Community of users.

  • For instructions on how to register, view the video here.


Only people needing to access secure resources will require a login and access code.  Access codes are provided to the designated NROC Project Manager for each member during their initial membership setup.  If you believe you need an access code, contact your Project Manager.  You can find your NROC Project Manager’s name on the “Our NROC Links” page of your membership group. If you do not know who your NROC Project Manager is, contact us.

  • For instructions on how to register, view the video here.
  • For instructions on how to enter an access code, view the video here.


As part of the initial setup, the designated NROC Project Manager will be set up as the administrator for your member group at the NROC Network. The administrator for the group can customize the group home page and options, manage members, etc..

  • For instructions on how to customize your group page, view the instructions here.



officehoursOur Implementation Team is here to help you get the most out of your NROC Membership. Once your organization becomes an NROC member, our Implementation Team will work with your designated Project Manager and/or EdReady Administrator to get you started.  They will assist your staff with training and setup, talk through your use case to ensure you are using the right product, answer questions about installing and using NROC courses, and have regular check-ins with your team.

  • At any time, however, your staff can attend our Daily Office Hours to have their questions answered in real time.
  • We also offer recorded webinars and tutorials that are available 24/7 for visitors to view as their schedules allow.
  • In addition, staff may submit a support ticket at any time, and our implementation or support team will respond usually within one business day.



Your custom EdReady site allows you to offer personalized learning solutions for your students. With EdReady, individuals can test their readiness for college math, see study options, and get a personalized study path to fill in knowledge gaps. EdReady can be used to check math mastery, to plan for college and career opportunities, to prepare for commonly used math placement exams, and as a supplemental study resource.

The_NROC_ProjectAdditional features of your custom EdReady site include:

  • Ability to customize your homepage and add your institution’s logo in the header
  • Determine what you want your students to be ready for and offer custom goals
  • Customize the math concepts your students need to study, either using the details for one of our pre-loaded assessments (such as ACT and Accuplacer Prep) or define your own
  • Select the resource collections you want available for your students to study, including our award-winning, multimedia NROC Developmental Math materials
  • Reporting and data access for teachers, administrators, counselors, etc., including Excel downloads

A set of administrator, student and faculty guides provide documentation of the different functions on your EdReady site.


NROC Courses


Your membership provides your faculty and students with unlimited use of NROC courses. This includes rights to install and modify any of our courses as a standalone course or as supplemental material in online, blended or face-to-face classrooms.


  • NROC Developmental Math is available in both “pre-assessment” and “standard” versions. The pre-assessment version, ideal for self-paced instruction, functions as a diagnostic tool to point learners directly to content needed to close proficiency gaps. The standard version is better suited for instructor-paced courses and for integration as or with supplemental resources.
  • NROC Algebra 1 was designed for first-time algebra students in secondary school at a broad range of ability levels. Correlated to all US state algebra frameworks and The Common Core, this course can be used as a stand-alone curriculum or as a supplement to any algebra textbook.
  • NROC Developmental English provides a solid, integrated curriculum that allows students to practice strategies for reading and writing effectively.


Simply visit the NROC Courses page, decide which course or courses you are interested in, and follow the instructions to access and download the course for installatioon into your LMS.  (Secure access is required.)




All members of the NROC Network receive a branded version of HippoCampus to share with staff as a teaching resource and with students as a study resource. HippoCampus is a searchable database of more than 5,700 multimedia learning objects in the NROC library, correlated to state standards. Teachers may readily link to objects in the repository from this website. A designated HippoCampus administrator at your member institution manages the look and feel of this “parent” site, and teachers within your organization may create their own customized classroom “child” versions of the site for their curricular use. This is an open access site, with no logins required of students.




One of the benefits that our members tell us is the most valuable part of being an NROC member is the ability to connect and interact with other members.  We invite you to join our community, join discussion groups on topics that interest you, view member use cases to find others facing the same challenges as you, sign up for webinars or information sessions, consider joining our Ambassador program, or attend our Annual Member Meeting.  Explore this website to learn more about any of these opportunities.


Our goal is to support your organization to ensure that your students are successful.  A variety of support options are available so please use the method that best meets your needs.