April 18, 2016

Determining your Organizational Goal

In order to determine if your NROC implementation has been successful, it is important to define in advance goals and metrics that you will use to monitor the use and growth within your organization.

Ask yourself:

“What problem am I trying to solve?”

“What are my main objectives for leveraging NROC resources?”

“Which departments will utilize the resources?”

“What is the anticipated use case for each need?”

“What am I expecting to get out of the NROC membership?”

“How will I gather data?”

“How will I (or my organization) measure success?”

“What potential barriers might I encounter and how will I address them?”

Once you have considered these questions, define a detailed goal (or goals) that you wish to reach by the end of the first year and the specific metrics (i.e. student outcomes, usage, etc.) you will use to determine if that goal was reached.

For instance, if using EdReady, you might want to have 100 students enrolled and 50 that raised their EdReady score by 20 points.  Or if using Developmental Math for ACT prep, you might want to have 25 students complete the course and improve their ACT score by 5 points.

Each institution’s goals and metrics will be different so decide what works for your institution.  The most important piece is to set a goal and strive to achieve it.  You can always modify the goal later if needed.

Share these goals and metrics with the NROC staff member who is supporting you, and we will revisit these goals on your check-in calls to keep your success on track.