April 18, 2016

Products Available with Membership

NROC offers a variety of courses and tools to support personalized learning on the path to college and career readiness. Our content is available in a variety of ways and can be customized to meet your institution’s needs.


EdReady is a powerful tool that utilizes the NROC math content, as well as OER resources, and can be used to check math mastery, to plan for college and career opportunities, and to prepare for commonly used math placement exams, such as AccuPlacer, Compass, and the ACT.

HippoCampus is a searchable database of more than 5,700 multimedia learning objects (rich multimedia content–videos, animations, and simulations–on general education subjects) correlated to state standards.


NROC Developmental English is an online program that integrates and reinforces the standard developmental English curriculum (reading comprehension, writing, vocabulary building, and grammar) and is designed to help students meet basic college entrance requirements.

NROC Developmental Math offers flexible modules that address concepts and skills taught in the traditional developmental math sequence of Arithmetic, Beginning and Intermediate Algebra, and is designed to direct students to the study needed to close their proficiency gaps. Developmental Math is available in both a Standard and Pre-Assessment version.

NROC Algebra 1 is designed to be used with first-time algebra students at a broad range of ability levels, from remedial to advanced, and integrates a broad range of pedagogical approaches designed to open the door to mathematics concepts and procedures, mathematical reasoning and critical thinking.

Religions of the World is designed to help a student organize their thoughts about religion and enable them to make intelligent judgments about religions, near and far. This course was contributed by NROC member, Chattanooga State University.