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English content designed to help students meet basic college entrance requirements.

Integrated Reading and Writing

For installation in a Learning Management System (LMS), this course integrates and compresses the standard developmental English curriculum — reading comprehension, writing, vocabulary building, grammar, punctuation, and usage skills — enabling learners to make predictions about their reading, analyze rhetorical structures, build vocabulary, and improve writing mechanics.

With media-rich presentations, comprehension exercises, and the My Journal feature, NROC English supports students through a variety of instructional approaches that engage and enhance a wide range of learning styles.

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General Information


NROC English Overview

Includes a look at the course components, as well as the scope and sequence.


    Special thanks to the subject matter experts, advisors, and production team who have participated in the development of this project.

    Getting Started

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    Members may access NROC Developmental English content in two ways:

    • The complete course may be installed in a member’s LMS.
    • NROC English content is available through your institution’s customized EdReady website.

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    If you are interested in using NROC English in your LMS, you must contact the NROC Project Manager at your institution to arrange for LMS installation (per instructions below).

    • To link to content through your Institution’s HippoCampus website, ask your NROC Project Manager for the custom URL.
    • To utilize EdReady to access the NROC English material, contact your NROC EdReady Administrator for the URL.
    • If you are not sure who your NROC Project Manager or EdReady Administrator is, you may email
    • Visit the Instructor Resources Tab for more information on resources to support this content.

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    LMS Administrators

    The NROC English course must be installed in your LMS by an LMS Administrator with sufficient privileges to set up the course. If you are the LMS Administrator, you will need to have a login to this website to gain access to the installation files. Check with your NROC Project Manager if you need secure access to the NROC Network.

    Please go to the Installation Tab to access the installation file for your LMS and follow the detailed directions provided.

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    General Information


    NROC English Overview

    Includes a look at the course components, as well as the scope and sequence.

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      We extend our thanks to the students, instructors, and administrators from the institutions who have participated in focus groups or early pilots, or who contributed subject matter expertise in the development of this project.


      Installation Overview

      NROC English is available for installation in your LMS as an IMS Common Cartridge v1.1 compliant package. A list of Learning Management System (LMS) vendors that support IMS Common Cartridge format can be found at

      The media files are referenced via URL and displayed within your LMS environment from a remote (NROC) host location.

      The person installing and setting up this course must have sufficient privileges in the LMS to install an IMSCC course file, create global LTI tools, and replicate the course for other instructors across the institution.

      The BASIC steps you will follow are listed below. Specific instructions, Course Manager access, and IMSCC files are available only to select staff from member institutions. See below.

      • Request an NROC Course Manager Admin account from NROC.
      • Download and install the course in your LMS. (This course will serve as the master, and you will make copies of it for your instructors: one instructor per course.)
      • Log in to your NROC Course Manager Admin account to get the LTI key and secret.
      • Set up the LTI tool(s) in your LMS.
      • Register the master course with the NROC Course Manager.
      • Test and confirm that Unit links are working properly.
      • Replicate the master course for each instructor/section.
      • Provide each instructor with our PDF instructions to register their own course with the NROC Course Manager.

      Please be sure to follow the detailed instructions provided in the installation file for your specific LMS.

      If you have any difficulty or need additional assistance, please visit the NROC Help Center or submit a support ticket .

      Course Installation Files

      LMS Administrators are able to access the required installation resources on this page. If your account has already been upgraded to allow secure access, please log in and then return to this page.

      Need help? Contact Us!

      NOTE: You are not logged in. After logging in, you will be able to access the installation files on this page if you have sufficient permissions.


      NROC English Constructed Response Questions (secure)

      Some LMSes are unable to correctly import (via IMSCC) the constructed response questions on the Placement and Unit assessments. They will appear in the LMS as “short answer” questions, when in fact they should be of the “long answer” question type.

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