NROC Algebra 1


The two-semester, adaptable, NROC Algebra 1 course may be used as either a stand-alone curriculum, a supplemental resource, or even for online homework. The course is designed to allow customization by the instructor and offers video, audio, interactive simulations, puzzles, direct links to supporting text (in English and Spanish) as well as other instructional approaches that engage a variety of learning styles and attitudes.

This course is designed to be used with first-time algebra students at a broad range of ability levels, from remedial to advanced. The content is correlated to all US state algebra frameworks and The Common Core.

Course Features

This two-semester course is comprised of 12 units, 25 lessons, and 68 modular topics.

Algebra 1—An Open Course (Semester 1)

Unit 1: The Language of Algebra
Unit 2: Solve Linear Equations
Unit 3: Functions and Patterns
Unit 4: Analyze and Graph Linear Equations, Functions, and Relations
Unit 5: Analyze, Solve, and Graph Linear Inequalities
Unit 6: Systems of Linear Equations and Inequalities

Algebra 1—An Open Course (Semester 2)

Unit 7: Radical Expressions
Unit 8: Polynomials
Unit 9: Factoring
Unit 10: Quadratic Functions
Unit 11: Rational Expressions and Equations
Unit 12: Extensions and Applications

Design and Pedagogy

Designed to be a flexible, learner-centered experience, this two-semester course integrates a broad range of pedagogical approaches designed to open the door to mathematics concepts and procedures, mathematical reasoning, and critical thinking. Students work through activities in the sequence that leverages their own successful learning strategies while building 21st century skills. The learning object architecture allows institutions and instructors to adapt the content to meet the needs of different programs and learners.

Accessibility Resources

General Information


Special thanks to the students, instructors, and administrators from the institutions who  participated in focus groups and early pilots, or who contributed subject matter expertise in the development of this project.

Getting Started

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Members may access NROC Algebra content in two ways:

  • NROC Algebra may be installed in a member’s LMS.
  • NROC Algebra content is available through your institution’s customized website.

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If you are interested in using NROC Algebra in your LMS, you must contact the NROC Project Manager at your institution to arrange for LMS installation (per instructions below).

To link to content through your Institution’s HippoCampus website, ask your NROC Project Manager for the custom URL. If you are not sure who your NROC Project Manager is, you may :contact us:.

Visit the Instructor Resources Tab for more information on resources to support this content.

The NROC Algebra course must be installed in your LMS by an LMS Administrator with sufficient privileges to set up the course. If you are the LMS Administrator, you will need to have a login to this website to gain access to the installation files. Check with your NROC Project Manager if you need access to the NROC Network. If you do not know who your NROC Project Manager is, :contact us:.

Please Note: NO FILES WILL BE SENT TO YOU. You must download and install the course.

Please go to the Installation Tab to access the installation file for your LMS and follow the detailed directions provided.

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Special thanks to the students, instructors, and administrators from the institutions who  participated in focus groups and early pilots, or who contributed subject matter expertise in the development of this project.


Installation Overview

NROC Algebra 1 is available for installation in your LMS as an IMS Common Cartridge v1.1 compliant package (v1.0 also available). A list of Learning Management System (LMS) vendors that support IMS Common Cartridge format can be found at

The IMSCC course files include unit, midterm, and final assessments, and select course-level content – large media objects are not contained in these course files.

The media files are referenced via URL, and displayed within your LMS environment from a remote (NROC) host location.

Course Installation Files

LMS Administrators and Technical Staff with appropriate access are able to access the required installation resources on this page. If you already have an Administrative/Technical account, please log in and then return to this page.

If you need an access code, please contact the NROC Project Manager on your campus. If you do not know who your Project Manager is, contact us.

NOTE: You are not logged in. After logging in, you will be able to access the installation files on this page if you have sufficient permissions.

Supplemental Installation Resources

The following resources may be helpful to LMS Administrators installing NROC Algebra 1, or to instructors who want to use stand-alone media objects to enhance existing courses rather than installing the complete course.

Instructional Resources

Essential Instructor Resources

A variety of resources are available for instructors to support their use of Algebra 1. These include instructor guides, a student guide, and correlations to the Common Core. Be sure to view the course tutorials for instructor overview videos by unit.


Supplemental Instructor Resources

While not necessary to use the course, these additional materials are available to supplement the course or provide more context.


Student Resources