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NROC Developmental Math with Pre-Assessments is designed to be used with students striving to meet college entrance requirements. The program is designed to direct students to the study needed to close their proficiency gaps. Video, audio, adaptive practice sets, interactive simulations, an integrated textbook, and other instructional approaches engage a variety of learning styles and attitudes.

Topically organized, this program offers flexible modules that address concepts and skills taught in the traditional developmental math sequence of Arithmetic, Beginning and Intermediate Algebra. In keeping with AMATYC’s proposal for a new developmental mathematics, this program includes topics that provide a high-level, basic introduction to Statistics, Geometry, and Trigonometry.

Course Features

This program includes nineteen units comprised of 59 lessons and 130 topics. Flexible modules address concepts and skills for Arithmetic, Beginning Algebra, and Intermediate Algebra, including basic Geometry, Statistics, and Trigonometry topics.


  • Arithmetic with Geometry and Statistics Topics
  • Beginning Algebra
  • Intermediate Algebra with Trigonometry Topics

I.      Whole Numbers
II.     Fractions and Mixed Numbers
III.    Decimals
IV.    Ratios, Rates, and Proportions
V.     Percents
VI.    Measurement
VII.   Geometry
VIII.  Statistics
IX.    Real Numbers
X.     Solving Equations and Inequalities
XI.    Exponents and Polynomials
XII.   Factoring
XIII.  Graphing
XIV.  Systems of Equations and Inequalities
XV.   Rational Expressions
XVI.  Radical Expressions and Quadratic Equations
XVII.  Functions
XVIII. Exponential and Logarithmic Functions
XIX.  Trigonometry

Design and Pedagogy

Media-rich and diverse components help students gain mastery.

  • Warm-up: a series of problems to assess prior knowledge, resulting in customized recommendations for review.
  • Presentation: a rich media presentation introducing the topic concept with illustrated examples and optional closed caption [CC] script.
  • Worked Examples: narrated, step-by-step presentation of problems being solved.
  • Practice Problems: symbolic and word problems designed in adaptive sets, offering students practice and feedback.
  • Topic Text: integrated textbook provides comprehensive coverage of topics with additional explanations and examples.
  • Review: self-test understanding prior to moving to the next topic.
  • Project: collaborative assignments in the project-based learning tradition based on real-world problems.
  • Tutor Simulation: provides students directed guidance in solving a multifaceted problem.
  • Puzzles: simple activities offer learners an opportunity to practice what they have learned in a fun, no-fault environment.
  • Topic/Unit Assessments: formative and summative assessments are designed to guide a learner’s progress.
  • Pre-Assessments: diagnostic pre-assessments identify a learner’s mastery of particular concepts, resulting in a personalized path through each Unit.

Accessibility Resources

NROC Developmental Math VPAT™

IconThe purpose of the NROC Developmental Math Voluntary Product Accessibility Template, or VPAT™, is to assist Federal contracting officials and other buyers in making preliminary assessments regarding the availability of commercial “Electronic and Information Technology” products and services...

    General Information

    Overview - NROC Developmental Math

    IconProgram description, features, and topics covered in the NROC Developmental Math course. ...

    NROC Collections

    IconThis document contains a list of current content available from the NROC library as part of your membership. The document is updated whenever new collections are added to the library. ...


      We extend our thanks to the students, instructors, and administrators from the institutions who have participated in focus groups or early pilots, or who contributed subject matter expertise in the development of this project.

      Developmental Math Contributors

      IconA list of the students, instructors and administrators who have participated in focus groups or early pilots or who contributed subject matter expertise in the development of this project ...

        Case Studies

        Case Studies

        Find out how NROC members are using NROC Developmental Math in their programs.

        North Carolina - Central Piedmont Community College - NROC Math

        IconCentral Piedmont Community College (CPCC) in Charlotte, NC, has adapted NROC Developmental Math resources to create supplemental math labs for students admitted to the college under the North Carolina Community College system’s “Multiple Measures for Placement” policy. This policy allows students...

        Ivy Tech Community College - NROC Developmental Math

        IconIvy Tech Community College is Indiana’s largest public post-secondary institution serving nearly 200,000 students. They chose to pilot NROC’s Developmental Math – An Open Program in the Fall of 2012 as a way to address the math remediation needs of their Automotive and Welding program students....

        Rasmussen College - NROC Developmental Math

        Icon Rasmussen College, founded in 1900 in St. Paul, Minnesota, today includes 24 campuses around the country and more than 40 diverse online degree programs available to students around the   globe. Rasmussen began piloting NROC’s Developmental Math – An Open Program in Fall 2012 with their Math Prep...

        Renton Technical College - NROC Developmental Math

        Icon Renton Technical College provides training or retraining for those seeking marketable job skills or upgrading current skills. Specialized programs allow students with or without high school credentials to enter at numerous times, progress in accordance with individual aptitudes, and complete low-cost...

        Case Study - Jacksonville State University - NROC Developmental Math

        Icon Jacksonville State University (JSU)  is a regional university serving northeast Alabama on a 459-acre campus with 59 buildings and multiple locations. Many of their students are low-income, from rural areas, and are first generation college students. In recent years, JSU has seen an increased enrollment...

        Chattanooga State Community College - NROC Developmental Math

        Icon Chattanooga State is a regionally accredited educational institution. Their mission is to transform the lives of individuals and develop the capacities of the business and industrial communities through technical and postsecondary education. In August of 2012 Chattanooga began a pilot of NROC Developmental...

        Central Piedmont Community College - NROC Developmental Math

        Icon Central Piedmont Community College (CPCC) has been part of the Charlotte, NC, landscape for 50 years and has six campuses located throughout Mecklenburg County. They serve a largely urban population of traditional college age students and returning adults in career transition. They began piloting NROC’s...

          Getting Started


          Members may access NROC Developmental Math – Pre-Assessment content in two ways:

          • NROC Developmental Math – Pre-Assessment may be installed in a member’s LMS.
          • NROC Developmental Math content is available through your institution’s customized EdReady website.


          If you are interested in using NROC Developmental Math in your LMS, you must contact the NROC Project Manager at your institution to arrange for LMS installation (per instructions below).

          To link to content through your Institution’s HippoCampus website, ask your NROC Project Manager for the custom URL.

          To utilize EdReady to access the NROC Developmental Math material, contact your NROC EdReady Administrator for the URL.

          If you are not sure who your NROC Project Manager or EdReady Administrator is, you may email

          Visit the Instructor Resources Tab for more information on resources to support this content.


          The NROC Developmental Math – Pre-Assessment course must be installed in your LMS by an LMS Administrator with sufficient privileges to set up the course. If you are the LMS Administrator, you will need to have a login to this website to gain access to the installation files. Check with your NROC Project Manager if you need secure access to the NROC Network.

          Please go to the Installation Tab to access the installation file for your LMS and follow the detailed directions provided.

          NROC Developmental Math: EdReady vs. Installed Course

          IconThe NROC Developmental Math materials can be delivered to your students either via an installed course in your Learning Management System or through EdReady. This file compares the available options for customization, as well as progress tracking and Reporting available with the Pre-Assessment version...


            Installation Overview

            Common Cartridge

            NROC Developmental Math – Pre-Assessment is available for installation in your LMS as an IMS Common Cartridge v1.1 compliant package. A list of Learning Management System (LMS) vendors that support IMS Common Cartridge format can be found at

            The IMSCC course files include unit, midterm and final assessments, and select course-level content – large media objects are not contained in these course files.

            The media files are referenced via URL, and displayed within your LMS environment from a remote (NROC) host location.

            Once you have downloaded the file, log in to your LMS environment and follow the LMS’ standard steps to install an IMSCC course. If you need assistance with this process, please consult your LMS system administrator or LMS support site.

            If you have any difficulty or need additional assistance, please visit the Help Center from the top menu and login with your credentials.

            Course Installation Files

            LMS Administrators and Technical Staff with appropriate access are able to access the required installation resources on this page. If you already have an Administrative/Technical account, please log in and then return to this page.

            If you need an access code, please contact the NROC Project Manager on your campus. If you do not know who your Project Manager is, contact us.

            NOTE: You are not logged in. After logging in, you will be able to access the installation files on this page if you have sufficient permissions.

            Supplemental Installation Resources

            System Requirements - All Courses

            IconThis document describes the system requirements for NROC Courses. ...


              Essential Instructor Resources

              A variety of resources are available for instructors to support their use of Developmental Math. These include instructor guides, a student video, and correlations to the Common Core.

              Instructor Orientation Video - Developmental Math

              IconThis short video provides an introduction to the components found throughout NROC's Developmental Math program and the research behind the course design. Developmental Math Instructor Orientation Video     ...

              NROC Dev Math - Problem Worksheets and Answer Keys (secure)

              IconPractice Problem Worksheets for Developmental Math—An Open Program provide a pen-and-paper alternative to the medium-level online practice problems in each Topic. Students can use these printable worksheet-style activities, and instructors are provided with step-by-step solutions for each of the problems....

              NROC Dev Math - Instructor Guides (secure)

              IconThe Instructor Guides provide topic outlines, learning objectives, tips and challenges of teaching the math in each unit, guidance for using the unit level activities, and Common Core topic correlations. ...

                Supplemental Instructor Resources

                While not necessary to use the course, these additional materials are available to supplement the course or provide more context.

                Accessibility Guide - NROC Math

                IconThe NROC Math Accessibility Guide explains how to navigate the NROC Math course content player using screen readers. The guide includes buttons to download the NROC Algebra and DevMath VPATs, and a link to a video demonstration of using ChromeVox with NROC Math courses. You are welcome to share the guide...

                Overview - NROC Developmental Math

                IconProgram description, features, and topics covered in the NROC Developmental Math course. ...

                NROC Dev Math Alignment - Utah Education Network

                IconMember Contributed Content  NROC Integrated Math Alignments created by Annie Swinton. These outlines align resources from Developmental Math, Algebra 1, and HippoCampus to the Utah Core Curriculum for the Secondary Math I and Secondary Math II courses. Each outline divides the content into units separated...

                NROC Dev Math Correlation with Accuplacer and Compass

                IconThese documents provide detailed information on alignments between NROC Developmental Math and two popular placement exams: Compass and Accuplacer. ...

                NROC Dev Math Topic Correlation to Common Core

                IconListing of correlation between Developmental Math—An Open Program multimedia topics and Common Core standards by grade level. Covers Units 1-19. ...

                NROC Dev Math - Workbook - Jacksonville State (secure)

                IconMember Contributed Content  Member-contributed Developmental Math Workbook prepared by Scott Beckett, Anna Marie Schaefer, Shelby Brooks, Kalie Bible, Mary Reagan, and Chris Mount at the Department of Learning Services, Jacksonville State University. The workbook includes pencil and paper practice...

                Choosing an NROC Math Product

                IconThis poster compares the different products available for members to support mathematics instruction and intervention. The NROC Project's courses and web-based applications are organized in a side-by-side comparison, as well as along several continua, to help you and your colleagues determine which resource...

                Links to NROC Content at HippoCampus (by Subject) (secure)

                IconNOTE: This secure content is for NROC Members only. Do not share outside of your member institution. This customizable file contains links to all learning objects at HippoCampus, organized by HippoCampus Subject page. To find items in each spreadsheet quickly, columns may be filtered or sorted by: Object...

                NROC Collections

                IconThis document contains a list of current content available from the NROC library as part of your membership. The document is updated whenever new collections are added to the library. ...


                  Student Resources

                  Accessibility Guide - NROC Math

                  IconThe NROC Math Accessibility Guide explains how to navigate the NROC Math course content player using screen readers. The guide includes buttons to download the NROC Algebra and DevMath VPATs, and a link to a video demonstration of using ChromeVox with NROC Math courses. You are welcome to share the guide...

                  Student Orientation Video - Developmental Math

                  IconThis short video provides a student-centered tour of NROC Developmental Math—An Open Program. It serves to quickly show students how to use the digital course materials, how to get around, and what the learning purpose is for each component. Developmental Math Student Orientation Video     ...



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                    As part of North Carolina's cadre for Completion by Design, Central Piedmont Community College (CPCC) has undertaken numerous initiatives to improve student readiness for college-level mathematics. Join us to learn how CPCC has adapted NROC Developmental Math resources and the EdReady application as...
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                    This session will introduce attendees to the NROC Developmental Math course and review the different delivery methods available to NROC member institutions. Watch prerecorded session below or register for the upcoming live session: Thursday, October 20 at 3 pm ET. Register now.


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