Religions of the World

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screenshot-2016-09-14-12-17-22The study of the world’s religions is a lifelong journey. This course is designed to help a student organize his/her thoughts about religion and enable them to make intelligent judgments about religions, near and far. The student will be introduced to each religion by leading advocates of the tradition and will be challenged to reflect critically on each, as well.

Religion is a basic building block for society worldwide and one of the most powerful forces shaping world events. This course will unveil to you many of the hidden treasures of the world’s religions along with beliefs, practices, and expectations that drive civilizations.

Our goal is for students to grow in understanding and in appreciation of the many faith communities on our globe.

Course Objectives

Upon successful completion of the course, students will be able to:

  • Define “religion” and “spirituality” and describe the role they play in American society, world events, and human happiness.
  • Analyze the development of each religion and explain how world religions respond to specific human needs and cultural distinctions.
  • Compare and contrast the world religions in order to sharpen knowledge of each. Recognize the diverse doctrines and practices within the religions studied.
  • Make enlightened assessments about basic religious concepts, such as the divine, human purpose, the soul, etc.
  • Assess the influences of religion on American culture and on 21st-century trends.


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The Religions of the World course was contributed by the Chattanooga State Technical and Community College.  Special thanks to Judy Lowe and Dr. Catanzaro for their generous contribution.