Algebra 1 in a State Virtual High School

Montana Digital Academy (MTDA) is a state virtual school that works with districts across the state to expand educational options by offering a mix of core and elective online supplemental courses.

MTDA administrators and teachers were excited to pilot Algebra 1–An Open Course because the course aligned well with traditional algebra courses taught in Montana high schools, as well as with the Montana Common Core Standards for Mathematical Practice and Content.

Program Statistics

School Enrollment: Estimated 5,700 in 2011-12 LMS and

LOR: Moodle

Contact: Jason Neiffer, Curriculum Director

Pilot Details

Number of Students: 49 students in two fall 2011 sections; 43 students in two spring 2012 sections

Teacher Online Experience: 1-2 years Course

Type: Fully online, supplemental

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