Supporting Students Who Fall Short of College-Level Competencies

Rasmussen College, founded in 1900 in St. Paul, Minnesota, today includes 24 campuses around the country and more than 40 diverse online degree programs available to students around the   globe.

Rasmussen began piloting NROC’s Developmental Math – An Open Program in Fall 2012 with their Math Prep Experience. This new program is a free, pre-enrollment path for students who need to “brush-up” on their math skills after taking the placement test and before they begin their classes. Students work independently on specific NROC units, and achieving an 80% proficiency level allows them to enroll in a college level math course

Program Statistics

Student Enrollment: 6,000 Full-time and 9,500 Part-time as of Spring 2012

LMS and LOR: Transitioning from Angel to Moodle (NROC-hosted Moodle for pilot)

Contact: Brooks Doherty, Dean of General Education


Pilot Details

Number of Students Participating in Pilot: 25

Launch Date: October 2012


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