Math in a Self-Paced, Emporium-Style College Lab

Renton Technical College provides training or retraining for those seeking marketable job skills or upgrading current skills. Specialized programs allow students with or without high school credentials to enter at numerous times, progress in accordance with individual aptitudes, and complete low-cost training making job entry and success possible.

During 2011 and continuing into 2012, Renton has been running several pilot sections using NROC’s Developmental Math – An Open Program. Students used the course in an emporium lab setting and worked independently.  An instructor is available to provide individualized assistance as needed.

Program Statistics

Student Enrollment during 2010-2011 school year: 11,675

LMS and LOR: Desire2Learn (NROC-hosted Moodle for pilot)
Contact: Marty Cooksey,
Math Instructor

Pilot Details

Number of Students: 2011-2012: Total of 53 students - 35 in 3 sections of Fundamentals of Mathematics, 18 in Business Math for Legal Assistant Program
Teacher Online Experience: 7 years
Launch Date: September 2011


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