NROC and ACT Partner to Support New Models for College Placement

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About this event:

Created by Jill Somrock

For more than a decade, The NROC Project has worked closely with educators to develop and deliver high-quality, affordable digital resources that can be freely adapted to best serve learners. In 2014, NROC launched EdReady, a promising personalized learning tool designed to help students address math and English skills gaps related to college and career readiness. NROC’s member community quickly uncovered myriad ways to creatively and effectively use the tool to meet a variety of student needs and support institutional innovation. One powerful implementation was the use of EdReady as a college placement alternative to support just-in-time readiness, helping students avoid traditional remediation. 

To help more institutions –– and students –– take advantage of EdReady’s technology, NROC recently partnered with ACT. Learn how this exciting, new partnership will help NROC deliver on our student success mission, and how ACT’s launch of CollegeReady will support a nationwide transition to a student-centered readiness and placement approach.

Presenter: Gary Lopez, Founder and CEO, The NROC Project

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