Meeting High School English Students Where They Are

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About this event:

Created by Jill Somrock

Learn about two high school English programs that are working to differentiate instruction for optimal student progress. Both programs make use of EdReady English alongside the NROC English curriculum adapted in a learning management system to meet local needs.

Mountain Heights is a fully online public charter school that has been using the resources for credit recovery and as part of tiered interventions for special education students. Ogallala High School is a public school with a 1-1 initiative, where 11th graders have been working with the digital resources in a blended classroom environment designed to engage students in their personal journeys to develop critical thinking, reading, and writing skills.

Presenters: Emily Andersen, Assistant Director, Mountain Heights Academy, UT and Brandi Edmond, English Teacher, Ogallala High School, NE

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